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Sound principles of technique consistently control the pistol more effectively than muscle tension. Top competitors use the current Index because results are their primary concern—technique is secondary, and is a by-product of the intention to perform the fundamentals effectively under stress. First see what is important consistently hitting the target , and then see what you need to do to get there.

This is called—not starting from a conclusion. Some years later, after experimenting and altering my Index, I was shooting a Bill Drill 6 shots into the A zone of an IPSC target at 7 yds in under 2 seconds with a single stack.

I was practicing for the SOF match. A local shooter was watching as I shot a 1. I questioned him on his approach. Basically, he said: Upper body shoulders square to the target, arms fully extended but not locked, and most importantly, once in position, the head, arms, and body move as a unit.

He commented that he would not hesitate to adjust his feet while shooting if that will preserve the integrity of his Index. After enough practice, of course. Investigate the stability and repeatability of your Index. Assume your Index and then introduce variables such as: Pulling back with one hand and not the other, pushing out with one hand and not the other, bending one elbow slightly and not the other, or bending both elbows the same amount.

Please bear with me as I repeat myself. The Hard Part Aiming is not the hard part. Releasing the shot without disturbing your hold is the hard part.

After establishing correct intention, your body will aim your pistol without effort. The Third Fundamental Hold the gun in alignment with the target until the bullet has left the barrel.

Look right at them—ignore the target. You will remember where your sight alignment was on the target without conscious effort. Think about what that last sentence implies. If you are actively observing the sights alignment and your eyes remain open DURING the firing of the shot, you should remember the last exact relationship you saw before the sights lifted in recoil. If you can maintain this state, you will shoot without doubt. The Problem The pistol is the most difficult firearm to shoot accurately offhand.

This all to observable visual input distracts us from what is paramount, the aforementioned third fundamental of shooting—releasing the shot without disturbing your established hold on the target. A trick I learned from a silhouette shooter might help: Imagine your pistol is in a machine-rest even though you are holding it offhand. Now, what can you do to have the best chance of hitting the target?

Aim into the backstop do not use a target, or spot to aim at and then consciously direct ALL your attention to building the pressure on the trigger until the gun fires the gun fires as a surprise. Again, begin by shooting into the backstop with no intention of hitting anything in particular. Relax your attention into the gun, look at the sights without staring, and then shift all your attention to the feeling of your finger on the trigger.

At the moment the gun lifts, recall the sight alignment—again, this is what you must see. Accurate calling of your shots is the most essential ingredient to successful shooting. Set up an IPSC target a 25 yds. Shooting slow-fire, shoot one shot at each X, offhand. Your only goal is to know exactly where the shot hit the target. Check the target and see where each shot landed on the target in relationship to where you thought it went. It also helps if you know what size group your gun will shoot off the bench at this distance.

Even if it takes forever, keep practicing this until you immediately know, as you fire a shot, where it hit the target. If you have a spotting scope or binoculars, you can look at the target after each shot to get more immediate feedback. Most people used to say he was a carbon copy of his father with his mother's eyes, even if he didn't wear any glasses like his dad used to.

Now though he looked completely different. At five foot seven inches, he was just above average in height range for a soon to be fifteen year old. After surviving the killing curse for the second time, his lightning bolt scar has almost faded into nothingness, now only a slight pink scar exists there. So overall he was unrecognizable by any standard and finally ready to leave his world. Taking a deep breath and giving one last glance to his surroundings as well the night sky that was illuminated by a full moon, Harry started the ritual to send him back in time to a new world, where he could start fresh and won't have to worry about a dark lord or a meddlesome old man.

Taking the white oak and thestral hair wand he got from the Potter vault, he sent a magical bolt to kick start the runic circle he had drawn previously. Soon the magic reached a crescendo as Harry's entire vision was filled with a blinding blue flash. There was a bright beam of light that shot into the sky and then Harry was gone, forever escaping those who wished him harm.

Michael Sebastian was a broker who lead a half satisfying life, being a house broker during a period of low buyers isn't very good after all. But today on July 6, , he just made a good deal and sold a house and the accompanying land, yet for the life of him, Michael couldn't remember who it was sold to or which property was the one that was sold.

Though he still had the money for the property and he was oddly satisfied with just that. Harry Potter, now known as Aron Runic, walked out of Good Property Sellers office with papers and deeds to a modest house containing three bedrooms, a kitchen, assorted living and dining room in a secluded place called the High Barrows. Harry liked the place for its isolated nature as it helped him in hiding quite well in this new world that he arrived as a result of his ritual. It's been two days since his space-time jump and he arrived exactly at the same spot as he started but in July 4, and in a whole new world.

After confirming the existence of Diagon Alley, the magical world and the ongoing war lead by Voldemort, Harry set out to find a permanent place of residence. He spend the last two days in different muggle motels and avoided any contact with the magical world until he could set up his home. Harry soon apparated to his new home as he found a secluded alley from the street. Harry finished setting up the 'Fianto Duri' ward, which was the more powerful add-on to the anti-hex ward, around his property, the house was rather Tudor styled, placed in somewhat middle of a clearing inside the deep forest of MarrowWood.

The clearing was close to three quarter mile wide in diameter, with a small pond near to the house. Thick Pine trees formed the edges of the clearing that further lead into the forest. There was a small orchard behind the house, which Harry planned to utilize soon. All that was left was two Wards, one an old druid one repurposed by him 'Caligo Obiectus', which creates a barrier made of mist and the other a mile wide proximity ward geared towards detecting human presence.

The mist barrier obscures the vision of everyone who is not added to the ward, while the proximity ward was a subtle ward to detect intruders. The entire clearing that the house stood on belonged to him now, so the mist barrier worked well as those who travel through the forest won't be able to see the clearing and the house. Finishing up the mist ward, Harry decided to take a walk through the small trail from the front of his house to the forest, which lead further into the village of DuskCreak on the outskirts of the MarrowWood forest.

The village mostly consisted of magical families, with the rest being squibs. There was a small market which provided the basic necessities and from the size and feel of the village, one can recognize that the magical families are not the more well known and well off ones.

Harry hasn't made any contact, but he preferred to know who his apparent neighbours were and the threat they possessed, if any, or any chance of liability. He hasn't been able to figure out more about the village, as there was quite some distance between the forest and the village proper, and not so much in terms of cover to get a good look at everything. Soon he reached the edge of the forest, making himself comfortable atop a small jutting of rocks that gave him enough cover along with a disillusion charm.

The sky was getting dark as the evening sun slowly crept behind the horizon. Looking at the house that was closer to the forest, he could see a pair of teenage girls that appeared to be close to his age engaged in some conversation under an old oak tree near to the house.

Beam me up Scotty! Lois Gagnon, One thing that everyone on the Left must realize and accept — what Reagan talked about doing — Bill Clinton actually did. Reagan talked about killing the working class and unions; Bill Clinton did the knife work.

The working class has been kicked in the face and it was a corporatist Democratic boot. Proficient manipulators do not use their intelligence for the public good; rather, they use their intelligence to get what they want in alliance with those who they think share their vested interests, their material ambitions and their communal beliefs. Manipulation, domination, demagoguery, and control are the tools of the Sophists or Machiavellians.

Persons proficient in the osteopathy of the mind seek to influence the beliefs and behavior of others without any regard for morals, without values and in total contempt for independent thinking. They are true nihilists and unfortunately, they have insight into what makes many people vulnerable to mental forgery.

Do people demand a really just system? Where oh where is Dick now? How do these creatures manage to slither out of sight? The thoroughly corrupted and compromised Property Party is stuffed with muti-millionaire Senators and Representatives who will never, ever, properly represent our citizenry at large.

His, still alleged? Who the hell actually was behind the wheel? Lord have mercy! The corporate state took power over US politics and policies.

We began shipping out jobs in the s, ended actual welfare aid in the s, lost over 6 million manufacturing jobs alone since The overall quality of life in the US went from a rating of 1 down to the last I saw Meanwhile, the budget was drained out by the longest, most expensive war in US history. And the people? We were divided and conquered.

This has worked to bring China and Russia together, resolving their years of conflict in view of the potential world threat — the US.

The Democrats and Republicans are equally zealous: — in their loyalty to Israel — in their demonization of Russia — in beating the drum for more pro-Israel wars in the Middle East. The longest, most expensive war in US history, the war that has drained out the US budget, the war that continues to shatter American families and lives, was promoted by pro-Israel warmongers.

The Israel Lobby and pro-Israel politicians are working harder than ever now, beating the drum for more war. Left and right are useless terms. Fascist and anti fascist resonate. As does capitalist anti capitalist. The dominance of mass media and government by the right wing, excluding the left from visibility, does not invalidate the terminology of left and right. The term Fascism describes only some of the extreme right, and anti-fascism does not really describe progressivism.

The term Capitalism conflates free market economics with failed regulation thereof; free markets exist under socialism. Neocons are positively Orwellian. They cry about a world where might makes right and their solution is for the U.

These people accuse others of what they are guilty of. There is no group of people on this earth more blind than the people of the U. Its not about left right but about nano dividing and crossing tying the ideals and principles that motivate actions and decisions from the mass of people; no one is, to be allowed to acquire, popular consensus sufficient to defeat the cabal. Of course. The left, to the contrary, wants to democratize the economic arena through some form of public influence or control up to and including socialism.

There are many variations and permutations of right and left, but the distinction is as clear as night and day. The vast majority of US are no more than grubbing out a living, with moral standards that reach as high as their inseams and bellies, think that income levels is equivelent to being educated and deserving of respect, and on the whole while enriching themselves have not contributed one farthing or bit of energy to enriching the nation they live in.

Their ideas of governing. Almost all live outside of the real ecological payments the land has and continues to pay for their comfort, that their plastic and concrete caves and acutrements are artificial and somewhere the lowest members of their economic and war making societies has not gained a standard of living far far below theirs. With all the Wars on Poverty and billions, trillions in cash that the living standards and educational as well as employment access each year is growing in percentage.

We should not let the much that is to do obscure the much which has been done. This was still an obscure question, to which, in her inexperience, she found no answer.

But, really, some animals ARE more equal than Initial Reaction - Pneumatic Detach - [pa·re·ses] Nor did divine revelation Ay! Le Dieron - Joe Cuba Sextet · Miguelito Valdes · Tito Puente Y Su Orquesta* · Graciela Con Machi convert the person Blistered Heels - Soundtrack From Between Wars - Blistered Heels assure him of eternal life. It would be rather idealistic or utopian to ignore that. Wednesday 23 October There Somali Dolly - Andy Starr - Dig Them Squeaky Shoes an issue displaying the shoutbox. Newton Finn. It has inspired man's greatest, noblest acts, and been blamed for his most damnable and degenerate. The Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit can never be separated. You can read my review of 'The Queen of the Tearling' herebut it's only after starting Visions Obscures - Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life write this review that I noticed I'd forgotten to write one for 'The Invasion of the Tearling' - duh!
Johnny Lad - Various - Songs & Dances of Scotland, Rhymes & Reasons - Various - The Music For Unicef Concert: A Gift Of Song, C.C. Motiff - Put A Smile On Your Face, Im Thinkin - No I.D. - Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album), The Rest - Parsifall - Tears To Wine

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  1. Grim of Hatred added 1 video to The king of eternity 3 weeks ago 12 videos Play all Play now; The king of eternity - Playlist. Grim of Hatred. you can be king again Lil Xtra - I Hope You.
  2. Explore releases from the Drakkar Productions label. Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for Drakkar Productions releases. Grimlord: Through Hatred Of Life A Vision Of
  3. Jan 17,  · Certain value judgements that we observe as stubbornly ingrained on the "other side" remind us of how biases can be a disadvantage that blurs our vision and obscures our peripheral vision like a horse wearing blinders. The more expansive and inclusive our individual views are, the more powerful and appropriate our actions and responses will be.
  4. Also, there is no hate of women in Silent Hill, I'm assuming you mean from Silent Hill 2, but in that game the women are represented as sexual frustrations of the main character, while Pyramid Head is his guilt. But that's way more complex then i make it out to be.
  5. Fire drills are an excellent example. To non-synesthetes, the noise of the fire alarm is loud and annoying, but does not change anything about his or her visual field. To a synesthete with sound-color synesthesia, this loud, unending sound obscures part, if not all, of their vision.
  6. Of course there were dissenters from this vision, but this was the general consensus. Like an animal, when a story nears its end it goes through death throes, an exaggerated semblance of life. So today we see domination, conquest, violence, and separation take on absurd extremes that hold a mirror up to what was once hidden and diffuse.
  7. He shows that Christian faith should issue in a vision of the unity of the end of human and cosmic life through God’s saving, Trinitarian self-revelation in the world.
  8. Getting tired of living a life of lies, hatred and sorrow Harry embarks on a journey through time and space leaving his world behind to have a chance at a new d he wouldn't be partial to saving those he can in this new ad as Harry changes the future of this new world while walking in the shadows as the mysterious stranger who happens to be at places at the right time.
  9. Getting the Left to Embrace US ‘Exceptionalism’ “Through a network of nearly military bases located in 70 countries around the globe, in addition to an array of trade deals and.
  10. -Grimlord - Through Hatred Of Life (Drakkar Productions, limited to copies) 4$ -Grimorc - The Devils Touch (Swordslain) 5$ -Grond - Bestial Goatrape (Funeral Moonlight Productions, limited to .

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