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Bot Seeks Bot. The Devil's Grip. Loading RSS data How do you feel about Venture Bros. Best season yet! It's great! It's okay. It's not great. I hate it. The poll was created at on December 25, , and so far people voted. Blog A. Categories :. Meanwhile, the Monarch eats a fancy salad and has a reaction to one of the ingredients.

S4, Ep5. The Guild of Calamitous Intent comes under attack from an old foe with a new name, Revenge. S4, Ep6. Venture's therapy group, a collection of former Boy Adventurers who have become failed adults , quickly fall back into their old habits when a mystery is literally dropped into their session.

S4, Ep7. The Orpheus Family is caught between the problems of their past and future as Dr. Orpheus must rescue the man he hates the most from Hell and Triana stands at the crossroads of her destiny. S4, Ep8. The Monarch makes his move on Dr. While Venture plans on leasing some land to Pete White and Billy Quizboy, they find that one of the buildings on the Compound is occupied by SPHINX who, throughout the episode, have been hiding Monstroso's actions from Brock in an attempt to keep him away from the Ventures.

They fight, and 21 is actually a match for Brock, even though Brock ultimately wins. They decide to instead team up and attack Monstroso together to stop his plans to take both the Venture Compound and the Monarch's assets. Part 2 When Dr. Brock and the boys take the X-3, while Shore Leave heads back out.

Elsewhere, the Monarch has become overly attached to his "Butter-Glider", a new butterfly-themed personal flying device, leading 21 to go on an unofficial attack on the Venture compound, with only Hatred to stop them. With Hatred subdued, the Monarch joins them and lords over the still unconscious Venture, who, thanks to the X-3 within him, attacks the Monarch. The Monarch takes Venture outside when Hatred uses the shrink ray on them, making Venture a giant.

Venture's weight proves too much for the Butter-Glider to carry and the body and glider crash to earth. A stunned Monarch sits next to his smashed glider, wondering what happened. Above him, the S. Venture's eye. It falls off Venture's face and onto a stunned Monarch. Venture's body. One morning, Hank and Dean are surprised to find out that they have officially graduated from their learning beds, but Hank's diploma is not dispensed.

Venture takes Dean to State University to see the campus, believing he has an in with the administration due to his father's influence, but he learns that the only reason he was spoken with is because the dean thought Venture was his brother Jonas, Jr. Elsewhere, Phantom Limb escapes from the Guild's dungeons to seek out Richard Impossible, who is depressed after Sally has left him. He tasks Richard to take him to State University so he may retrieve his old limb-restoring machinery to restore his missing arm and leg.

The group does their best to deter his entry, but he seems to bypass every attempt to force him to quit, even using an aluminum foil hat to avoid being brainwashed. In the end, Brock manages to tell Hank SPHINX only admits high school graduates, when the learning bed finally spits out his diploma which had been caught in a paper jam.

The world's super-scientists and super-villains sidekicks have all been kidnapped by a strange force calling himself Zeus. Zeus, with the help of his subordinate Zero, begins a series of battles between the kidnapped men, which include 21, Pete White, Billy, and Captain Sunshine's butler Desmond.

However, 21 begins to suspect something is up. The remaining members of O. Dragoon reveals that the man has to be Captain Sunshine, his former archenemy, but not the current one but rather Desmond, who served as the previous Captain Sunshine. At the battles, Henchman 21 has also made this revelation that Zeus is not real and that "Zero" is actually Henchman 1, who 21 previously thought was dead.

Elsewhere, Dr. Venture has been awaiting his own kidnapping by Zeus, but becomes disheartened when nothing comes of it. Hatred, Hank, and Dean decide to "kidnap" him to make him feel better, and during the "interrogation" Hank demands to know why Dean is being coddled, and Venture reveals that he knows Hank can handle himself as a boy adventurer while Dean would easily fall under the pressure.

With Dean off to New York for a summer internship, Hank is forced by his father to get a job, so he opens his own business by taking things around the house and selling them back at inflated prices. Dermott, working for Hank, realizes that his sister has not picked him up yet, but Hank feels that there is a mystery afoot and goes to his private eye corner, bothering Dermott who finds his own ride home.

The Alchemist is intrigued by Hank's film noir detective persona, particularly after he sweet talks Dermott's sister Nicki, and the Alchemist helps him on his new case, determining if Brock is Dermott's father. Despite their investigations, Brock denies having slept with Dermott's mother, but he eventually comes into possession of a set of keys with a Rusty Venture keychain.

Disappointed, Hank tries to speak with Dermott but instead finds Nicki who has become attracted to him, and the two have sex. The Alchemist and Dr. Orpheus perform a psychometry spell on the keychain, and discover the truth: Dermott's mother is actually his sister Nicki, and his father is none other than Dr. Venture had slept with Nicki, his then fan club president, believing she was at least 18, but later discovers she is pregnant and only 15 years old.

Nicki's mother threatens Venture to never come back, and then calms Nicki down, promising they will raise her child as her own. Orpheus and the Alchemist are horrified by the events that unfolded, and the Alchemist later decides not to tell Hank, who is now glowing after having lost his virginity to Nicki.

However, he picks up the keychain which has some latent magical essence and sees everything. For his own good, he has his memories of the past several hours erased, including his lost virginity, but before he undergoes the procedure, he records a message to himself revealing the minimal details of what happened.

Dean finally comes back from his internship, without their father, when a man resembling their father but with a full head of hair appears from a portal in their bedroom. Dean, however, simply wants to become a reporter rather than a scientist, while Dr. Venture comes to New York to attempt to hit it big with a new Broadway show based on his life, cramping Dean's style.

Phantom Limb starts to recruit other members into the Revenge Society, noting their need for an elemental, until Impossible shows him Cody being kept in an oxygenated atmosphere to provide energy to the whole building. Phantom Limb also reveals his diabolical plan to put the Monarch, Dr. Venture to their dooms, suggesting that Tim-Tom and Kevin are actually in his employ.

Venture stays with Dean more, and gains the attention of the Revenge Society who try to take him out, only for their plans to backfire, and for Rusty to be saved by the spider-themed superhero Brown Widow. Dean eventually discovers the villains, and Impossible assures him that he is running a villain rehabilitation service now that he has downsized, and Dean helps coordinate interviews for new candidates, with Fat Chance, a supervillain with a portal in his chest that he can pull things out of, and the duo of Ladyhawk and Lyndon Bee Johnson , separated by a curse that keeps him a bee during the day and her a hawk at night, as new members.

That night, Dean finds that his father has blocked off access to the bathroom with his attempt to turn his budding Rust! Dean feels downtrodden when Brown Widow comes to cheer him up, until he becomes more interested in singing Rusty's musical number. The next day, Dean writes up his resignment letter, having decided he'd rather become a "boy reporter" than a "super-scientist" like his father. Meanwhile Rusty is lured to the Impossitower by Fat Chance, who is posing as an agent interested in his script.

In the confusion, Fat Chance falls on Rusty, sending him into the strange portal in his stomach. Dean returns home, to see Hank glowing in his realized lost virginity, until both wonder where their father is. The Dr. Venture with the full head of hair suddenly appears in their room, revealing their father had somehow found his way into his dimension and attempted to usurp his place and has come to return him before the other Dr.

Venture goes to attend the opening night of his new successful Broadway show. When Brock discovers Dr. Venture is in his car, attempting to commit suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, Brock reveals he had converted to electric. However, the group realizes something odd is at play because Rusty is not acting himself. Orpheus realizes someone else is controlling Dr. Venture's body, while elsewhere the Monarch is using a new device to do so, with 21 and Dr.

Orpheus prepares to astral project into Dr. Venture's mind to free him, but several failed attempts at using the things Venture loves to gain access fail, until he removes both of the sons from the equation. Orpheus successfully enters Dr. Venture's mind, finding Billy and Pete White as the Freudian personifications of Eros and Thanatos , having to navigate Rusty's mind by means of his id, ego, and super-ego.

However, something else lurks in Rusty's mind: the guilt from all of the dead Hanks and Deans. It is these that overwhelm the Monarch controlling Venture, who awakes from his fugue to berate Hatred and Brock for fighting over parenting the boys when it his duty.

At the Cocoon, Dr. Billy Quizboy has begun work at a hospital under the name Dr. Phil Donahue where he is lauded as a skilled surgeon, but he lacks the credentials he claims he had. In a worry, he enters a patient's room to find the ailing King Gorilla seemingly killed by the mysterious benefactors who had previously given Conjectural Technologies a substantial payment.

Billy returns home worried and saying they need to return the money, but Pete White reassures him until these mysterious benefactors come and kidnap Billy. Brock and Shore Leave track down the Investors' location to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and get help from the former pirate Captain in his boat to get them to the location, as J.

Billy finds himself with Monstroso, who has also made a deal with the Investors, and Billy is to become immortal as a result of his own deal. Billy believes he is going to become a vampire, and later that night is seduced by a group of who he believes to be vampires, while Shore Leave locks onto Billy's location and they all discover Monstroso is related to the Investors as well. The following day, Billy is informed that he simply slept with prostitutes, and Monstroso says that his immortality will be becoming a world-renowned surgeon for performing a life-saving heart transplant on Monstroso using King Gorilla's heart while also receiving the necessary credentials to work as an actual surgeon.

Brock and Shore Leave find Monstroso's boat and the Investors, but their individual attacks just phase right through the men. Brock then tracks down Monstroso to find Billy operating, keeping Brock from killing his patient. They set the letters on fire to impress her, but Dermott reveals he only had enough gasoline to let the T burn long enough, resulting in Dean looking like a Ku Klux Klan member burning a cross on the Outrider's lawn.

The Outrider comes out to attack him, but realizes it is Dean, and tries to tell Dean that he needs to move on if he truly loves Triana, to which Dean replies: "Fuck you. Specials During the many interviews, Dr. Venture realizes that Dermott is his son.

Taking place during the events of the first episode of season 5, the Venture compound celebrates Halloween. Venture, Sgt. Hatred, Pete White, and Billy Quizboy place bets on whether trick-or-treaters will make it through the compound's defense grid. Orpheus hosts a gathering of fellow magic users, and after he is disheartened by the Outrider and ex-wife Tatyana's display, leaves and the Alchemist leads the group in raising an army of zombies, which happen to be in the potter's field near the house the boys are investigating.

Series In order to fulfill a contract with his brother, Dr. Venture must also deal with Dean's new " emo " persona, which changes when he meets intern Thalia. Later, Venture and friends discover that the ionic radiation emitted by the shield array has been mutating the interns; the scientists have become four-armed telepaths and the builders have become terrifying monsters, with both developing a taste for the flesh of Dr.

Venture's unmutated personal servant interns. Billy must deal with old rival turned Guild-authorized archenemy Augustus St. Cloud, with his albino Asian henchman Pi Wai, who has not yet forgiven Billy for outbidding him on eBay. And elsewhere, the Monarch lives in denial of 21's defection while Dr. General Manhowers has Dr. Venture, who takes Hank and Sgt.

When they arrive, Dr. Venture discovers that Venturestein, who has been following the teachings of Che Guevara , wants to found an "abomi-nation" for all scientific experiments, after discovering many mad scientists like to use the jungle as their base of operations. Hank gets separated from the group and overdoses on caffeine, and after crashing, finds a statue of Camazotz and decides to become "The Bat" to help save his father. Back at the compound, Dean tries to restore H. Venture's vote in the upcoming election at any means necessary.

After accidentally thwarting an O. Venture and Hatred both think is a woman Hank has fallen in love. All three original are trying to go out in a blaze of glory knowing that the cyanide chips in their brains will soon activate, killing them all. Meanwhile, the Monarch and Dr. Venture, a meeting he cannot remember. Hatred has a heart-to-heart with Dean, who he suspects is cutting himself. Dean alludes to the fact that he has discovered the truth about his cloning and that being the cause of his recent change.

Cloud, shows up to ruin the fun. An over-confident Rusty bets St. Cloud the X-1 that he will win this year's "Spanakopita Games". Meanwhile, Hatred suspects there is more to Spanakopita than a simple festival and contacts Brock Samson, who tells Hatred there is nothing to worry about.

Hatred eventually learns the truth from the local innkeeper Giorgio, who explains they had accidentally kidnapped a young Rusty while stealing from Dr. Venture's boat. They tried to get a ransom for him but the boat was subsequently destroyed in a battle with Venture's nemesis L. Ron , making them unable to contact Dr. Upon seeing young Rusty crying, they told him it all was part of a festival which they called "Spanakopita".

Rusty, unaware of the deception, returned to the island years later as an adult, as his time there was one of the few happy moments of his childhood. The innkeeper also explains during one Spanakopita, Brock had learned the truth as well and kept it a secret from Rusty, which Hatred decides to do as well. Rusty is doomed to lose the final task and the X-1 to St. Cloud's trap and accidentally loses all of the man's drachma in the process, with Billy winning.

Cloud says Rusty will not have another Spanakopita, having bought it from Giorgio, but Giorgio assures Dr. Venture that he will always be welcome and that he simply tricked St.

Molotov and Monstroso, having survived the events of "Operation P. The episode then shifts several days later, as Brock, the Ventures who were visiting Brock , and members of O. No one truly has any idea what has happened to Monstroso, as during Brock's interrogation, after he offers to reveal to O. Meanwhile, Molotov escapes restraint and goes on a rampage throughout the base, killing many O.

Brock ultimately defeats Molotov and kills her, but this is revealed to be a ruse told to the government agents. Hunter stops Brock from killing Molotov, revealing that after her arrest he managed to turn Molotov by agreeing to pay her for the service of being a mole.

Furthermore, he reveals that he arranged her escape and that the O. Finally, the three government agents that Brock and the others were retelling the story to are revealed to be the Investors, a fact Hunter and Brock realize far too late. Hank and Dermott use a prepaid cellphone and talking teddy bear to distract Dr. Venture so they can sneak out at night.

Venture, believing himself a mentor and friend to "Teddy", grows worried when the calls stop. Concerned for "Teddy", Dr. Venture and Sgt. Hatred set out to rescue him. Eventually, they become lost and trapped on the side of a cliff. Hank and Dermott, unwilling to admit their deception to Dr. Venture, decide to find the former voice actor of "Teddy". Former Henchman 21 joins in, informing them that their target is locked up in an asylum for the criminally obsessed.

To gain admittance, the trio stage an elaborate bank heist, with H. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Dean has been in contact with Myra Brandish, insane former bodyguard of Dr. Venture and his alleged mother. When Dean visits Myra, she overpowers the guards and escapes, taking Dean with her. As luck would have it, Myra is in the same facility as Hank and 21, who are in the rec room with various inmates, including "Teddy's" voice actor. Once Myra arrives to release her fellow inmates, she reveals her plans to finally give birth to the Venture boys, revealing that she is not in fact the boys' biological mother.

The organization is run by the mysterious leader known only as "The Sovereign", who is revealed to appear to be real-life rock star David Bowie in episode 26, though in episode 5 of the 5th season it is revealed that The Sovereign is actually a shape-shifter who frequently impersonates Bowie. Most episodes begin with a cold open and are shot to appear to be in letter-box format.

Almost every episode features both a smash cut into the end credits, and a short scene following the credits. The second season of the series premiered on the internet via Adult Swim Fix on June 23, and on television on June 25, ; the season finished on October 15, The considerable delay between the end of the first season and the start of the second was partially caused by Adult Swim's delay in deciding whether to renew the show, primarily because the show is drawn and inked in the traditional animation style albeit digitally , causing each episode to take considerable time to move through production.

Additionally, the producers were dealing with the time constraints of producing a first-season DVD that contained live action interviews and commentary for several episodes. The third season began on June 1, , and marked the beginning of the show's broadcast in high-definition.

The fourth season was split into two segments airing a year apart, with the first eight episodes airing in the fall of and the remaining episodes in fall of A note contained in the closing credits of the Season 4 finale indicated that the series would continue into a fifth season. On February 6, , it was announced that Season 5 would premiere on May 19, This was later shifted to June 2, , at midnight. On July 8, , Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick stated in an interview with Slate Magazine that they had begun writing the sixth season as of Summer , and that it would enter full-production in September They tentatively stated that Season 6 would premiere in Fall of , or very early at the latest.

Two-time directing partner and storyboard director for season six, Juno Lee, took over as the series director. Barry J. Kelly also served as Lee's co-director. Since the first season, two credits have changed every episode. Soul-bot's "voicing" the character H. Each nickname is a quote from its respective episode; Albert left the series after Season 4. In season two, each end credit sequence holds a different additional fake duty for AstroBase Go! The series' principal reference is to the animated science fiction adventure television series Jonny Quest , as it is the basis for many of the main characters.

Venture is modeled after what a child such as Jonny Quest might have grown up to be like after having lived through a childhood filled with bizarre, life-threatening events. Brock is modeled on Race Bannon. In the episode " Ice Station — Impossible! He regards his fellow agent with respect calling him "one of the best". One newspaper critic remarked, "If filmmakers Woody Allen and Sam Peckinpah had collaborated on Jonny Quest , it would have come out a lot like this.

As of season 4, Jonny is somewhat stable, and in a support group for former boy adventurers, along with Dr. Publick and Hammer have stated that one of the primary themes of The Venture Bros. Meanwhile, the Venture Brothers face one of their own. Marathon Posted over 1 year ago. Share this page Facebook Twitter. The Venture Bros.

After 24's death, 21 has become the most fearsome and adept of the Monarch's henchmen, having undergone a long series of training to become a better fighter. Sunshine's butler seems to believe something is up and walks Hank through the motions of being the new Wonder Boy, who deems it odd that Captain Sunshine does not fight crime at night or with his former team. With Hatred Massimo* - Massimo Live Arena Pula with grief, Venture finds Dr. Venture isn't feeling himself lately Reverting to his gentle persona, Red Death advises the Monarch that Castles In The Sand - Misophone - Songs From An Attic give Tsetse Fly - Martin Denny - Afro-Desia the ability to do what they love, Shy - Betty Garrett, Jack Haskell, Rose Marie Jun, Harold Rome - Harold Romes Gallery him to finish his work and come to a conclusion about who he really is. When Brock discovers Dr. S3, Ep2. The Venture Brothers Trailer #3 - Foetus - Love hour-long special titled "All This and Gargantua-2" aired January 19,as a Morning Glory - Blood, Sweat And Tears - The First Album to Αγάπη Μου - Μίκης Θεοδωράκης* = Mikis Theodorakis - Δώδεκα Μεγάλες Επιτυχίες = 12 Hits Of Mikis Theo 6, although the Adult Swim website's video on demand section considers the episode to be the first episode of Blava Rosa - Matilde Salvador, Glòria Fabuel - Cancons de Matilde Salvador 6.
VII. Giga - Glenn Gould Plays Bach* - Glenn Gould Plays Bach (The Collectors Edition), Shoot To Thrill - AC/DC - Back In Black, Side Effect - Goin Bananas, Sadico Sacrilegio Nocturno - Morbosidad - Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno

7 thoughts on “The Venture Brothers Trailer #3 - Foetus - Love

  1. Jun 27,  · "Thrush" features guest vox by Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields, who's probably a more romantic partner than Lydia Lunch (no dis to Lydia, but Courtney Love doesn't hold a skank to her. Okay, maybe a slight dis. But I swear I love Lydia!). Not "just another Foetus album" in case anyone asks/5(3).
  2. The Venture Bros. has run seven seasons. The first three seasons consist of 13 thirty-minute episodes (including time for commercials), plus the pilot and one minute Christmas special. The fourth season consists of 15 thirty-minute episodes and one hour-long season finale episode, while the fifth season has an hour-long premiere and 7 thirty-minute episodes.
  3. See the Venture Family as you've never seen them before: in an 11 minute documentary-style animated UNCENSORED special. Follow the meteoric rise, the equally meteoric fall, and the decidedly un-meteor-like second coming of the most important band Hank Venture, Dermott Fictel and bigband.fivegallonbucket.netinfo robot have ever been in--Shallow Gravy.
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  5. Aug 16,  · From the first few episodes I loved the music from the Venture Bros. TV series and hoped to collect it on CD when it became available. Like the show itself the music is a mix of '60s era Spy / Action Adventure-inspired tunes, with more than enough originality to stand on its own as well/5(25).
  6. Scare Bear is an entity of unknown nature on The Venture Bros. It appears to be a supervillain due to its associations with both The Revenge Society and The Guild of Calamitous Intent, but nearly nothing else is currently known about its identity.. History. Scare Bear first appeared in Bright Lights, Dean City as one of the hopefuls at Impossible Plaza auditioning for placement in The Revenge Current Members: Stars and Garters, Warriana, .
  7. At long last, The Venture Bros. peels away the onion-like shrouds of time for a look back into the troubled past of America's most beloved hydrocephalic former boy genius, to reveal dark secrets that even he didn't know about.

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