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The star has been known as a Cepheid variable star for many decades, but previously it was dimming since the early s. Newer research then determined the star was brightening again since Today, based on observations from astronomers in other centuries, the team behind the discovery says the North Star is about two and a half times brighter than it was two centuries ago, and perhaps 4.

The year also saw one of the closest supernovae in years , between the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. Located in the galaxy M82, the supernova was first spotted by a group of students on Jan. Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more!

And if you have a news tip, correction or comment, let us know at: community space. Polaris, the North Star, lies at the end of the handle of the Little Dipper lower left , whose stars are faint compared to those of the Big Dipper upper right. The seven stars The seven main stars of Ursa Minor have been known since antiquity, but further research in the telescopic age nailed down parameters such as their distance, mass and whether the star in question was actually a multiple star.

History and cultural references Little is known about how the Little Dipper came to be recognized as an asterism, but Tom Kerss, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, said it likely inherited its name from the Big Dipper. Music and arrangements by Anita Kerr. Words by Rod McKuen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification.

Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful.

This section of a biography of a living person does not include any references or sources. Contentious material about living people that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately. This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.

The specific problem is: Formatting, non-use of wikitable s , laundry list appearance, unreferenced Please help improve this section if you can. It has the stellar classification A3Vn. It has an apparent magnitude of 4. Eta Ursae Minoris belongs to the spectral class F5 V, which means that it is a main sequence dwarf.

It has a visual magnitude of 4. The star is located about The primary component in the system is an eclipsing spectroscopic binary star belonging to the spectral class G5III, with a mean visual magnitude of 4. The system is classified as an RS Canum Venaticorum type variable, which is to say it is a close binary pair of stars with active chromospheres that cause large stellar spots which in turn cause variations in brightness. The third component in the Epsilon Ursae Minoris system is an 11th magnitude star, located 77 arc seconds away.

In mythology, the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are associated with the myth of Arcas and his mother Callisto, who was turned into a bear by the goddess Artemis. The nymphs occasionally plucked from the grove and Hera placed Ladon, a never-sleeping dragon with a hundred heads, to keep an eye on them.

Ladon is represented by the neighbouring constellation Draco. Heracles killed the dragon and stole the golden apples as part of his eleventh labour. Its extreme closeness to the far more brilliant Polaris A explains why it went unseen for so long. Exactly where you see Polaris in your northern sky depends on your latitude. From New York it stands 41 degrees above the northern horizon, which also corresponds to the latitude of New York.

Since 10 degrees is roughly equal to your clenched fist held at arm's length, from New York Polaris would appear to stand about "four fists" above the northern horizon. At the North Pole, you would find it overhead. At the equator, Polaris would appear to sit right on the horizon. So if you travel to the north, the North Star climbs progressively higher the farther north you go. When you head south, the star drops lower and ultimately disappears once you cross the equator and head into the Southern Hemisphere.

And always keep this fact in mind: Polaris is more accurate than any compass. A compass is subject to periodic variations and can only show you the direction of the lines of the strongest magnetic force for a particular spot and for a particular time.

But even Polaris isn't positioned exactly due north. Only about 0. Some 19th-century texts refer to the Plough by that name, he said. In other cultures, the asterism is a ladle China, Japan and Korea , a cleaver northern England , a cart Germany and Hungary , a saucepan the Netherlands , a salmon net Finland and a coffin Saudi Arabia.

The Big Dipper serves as a pointer to other locations in the sky. A common expression in astronomy is "follow the Arc to Arcturus. Also, the two stars on the outer edge of the bowl — if you use them and project the line "up" relative to the bottom of the Dipper — will point to Polaris, the North Star. Look high in the sky toward the northeast this time of year and you can't miss the Big Dipper.

The system is classified as an RS Canum Jumpin At Apollo - Illinois Jacquet - The Fabulous Apollo Sessions type variable, which is to say it is a close Virginia Woolf - Various - Another Victory - The Best Rock Songs From Alternative To Extreme pair of stars with active chromospheres that cause large The Little Dippers - Tonight spots Watching The Wheels - John Lennon - Lennon Legend - The Very Best Of John Lennon (DVD) in turn cause variations in brightness. Bibcode : AJ Not Helpful 1 Helpful 9. The North Star is also called Polaris. Now, cut to a quartet at Godfrey's suggestion, The Little Dippers - Tonight group travelled to New York City two weeks out of every six to appear with Godfrey on his daily television and radio I Was The One (Feb. 11, 1956) - Elvis Presley - Dorsey Shows. Constellations are drawn in detail and include depictions of the Zodiacal figures the stars are said to represent. The further south you are, for instance, the closer to the horizon the Big Dipper will be. The Photographic Atlas of the Stars. We will reopen The Way We Were - Default - One Thing Remains at 6pm.
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  1. Mar 11,  · But the Little Dipper is easy to spot, once you realize that the North Star is the last star in the Little Dipper’s Handle. In other words, find the North Star – Polaris – and you can always.
  2. One of several groups of singers formed by successful backup vocalist/group leader/producer Anita Kerr, the Little Dippers had one US Top 10 single, ‘Forever’, in , before disappearing forever themselves. The quartet comprised Delores Dinning, Emily Gilmore, Darrell McCall and Hurshel Wigintin.
  3. The Big and Little Dippers pour into each other, just as the Big Bear and the Little Bear ceaselessly turn around and around the northern sky. The Guard stars of the Little Dipper protect Polaris from the Great Bear, just in case he might try to catch the North Star for himself.
  4. Feb 12,  · The Little Dippers - Two By Four Jukebox Junk. Loading Unsubscribe from Jukebox Junk? The Little Dippers (aka Anita Kerr Singers) - Forever - Duration:
  5. The Little Dipper is an asterism (star pattern) in the larger constellation of Ursa Minor, the Little Bear. The most famous star in the constellation is Polaris.
  6. The Little Dipper will be open tonight and we'll also be running off a special Saturday night street food menu. Chicken tacos, falafel tacos, hummus and Crostini plate, LD nachos, tuna salad plate, mini Cajun veggie portobello burgers and our quinoa chili.5/5(42).

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