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That sounds just fun. Haven't had a chance to dl-any more of your songs, and I still have to work on my speech on Techno AnguishPersonified Noob. Jul 1, 18, 0. Speech on techno?

I wrote a college English paper which, oddly enough, are the only classes I do well in on why electronic music is going to become the next dominant music genre. I was even going to have a video of DJ Tiesto at a rave, until my friend said she didn't have the cable to hook up her laptop to the tv.

Free your mind Well, a big point to make is the fact that Techno is only the tip of the iceberg, as electronic music goes. Point out that no modern style of music is really recorded live anymore, it's all compiled electronically. Play some Stockhausen, and freak people out. Go nuts. Good luck. Stockhausen eh? Sounds freaky enough to scare a few people at least Karlheinz Stockhausen is considered to be the father of electronic music. He basically does his own classical operas using electronic samples and noises.

Hehehe cool. C'mon, get a little more variety. Surprise them. Hmm all seem interesting Yo Anguised, what genre would you put each song into? From the ones you listed to the ones I have. I have a hard time with that, since most of the time it says Techno in the genre label.

Booty Bass, probably. IDM would be more than appropriate for both, though. The ones not listed are the songs I don't recognize off the top of my head. Still, thanks for the help. Now I gotta look up IDM to actually understand this more What happend to puroeuro?

Nov 10, 4,, 1, O yea, ssamurai17, if u dont know by now By 'their' thread do you mean puroeuro's thread, or this one? Apr 6, 0. Jan 11, 32, Nosotros Noob. Aug 14, 4, 1. PhiPsiJB Noob. Apr 1, 4, 0.

Digitally Imported is my favorite for webstreaming music. It's cool how they've added several new channels as of late. However, I'm looking around for new sites to try Gustav22 Prime Member. Jul 25, 5, 0. I'm just getting into this type of music, and I love it.

I was wondering about something, though, and I thought that maybe you would know. I recently heard a song that had some bells or chimes in it, but I didn't catch the name or the artist. Would you by any chance have any idea what song I'm talking about?

I know there are probably many that fit that description I know it's really vauge It didn't have any words in it whatsoever, and it started out pretty slow. Then, about halfway through, these "chimes" come in and things really pick up. It's probbly not the song you're looking for, but I really like the song "Bells of Avalon.

Oh my God! I think that's it!!! I actuall heard it while working out, so that probably doesn't help you. But that is indeed the song I was looking for. I'm completely blown away! I've been looking for that thing for weeks!! Happy together? Is that Micahel Jackson? If not who? Oh c'mon where is everybody now? Anyways the song says: Push me and then just touch me 'til I get my satisfaction. Aug 9, 2, 0. So it's prodigy? What album is it from? Been meaning to pick out some 'electronic' albums for a while.

Or name of the song. Ultrasabre Noob. Apr 9, 3, 1. Yo check out this site! Check it yo! Jul 9, 1, 0. Age - Snowflakes Pulsdriver remix Delerium Feat. E - Sunrise At Palamos M. DeeJay Neo Aalto - Liquid Sweep Original Mix 7. Aalto - Liquid Sweep Super 8 Remix 8. Aalto - Rush Super 8 Remix 9. Remix Airbase - Pole Position Alphazone - rockin mat silver vs. Alphazone - rockin original mix Add him as a friend on his myspace so you can keep up to date on all that's going on.

Came home from work to receive 2 emails from listeners of the station asking me about my music! So glad to see the ratings are there Being 10am Monday morning in Australia isn't really a party time with the start of most of our working days Hope i stick to your standards! For more information on EDM Radio 1 click on the link: www. Pour It On now has a new remix done by Thomas Gold.

Thanks to Nick Jay himself for this share! Nick Jay Feat. For people in the eastern part of Australia We are now on Daylight Saving which means Jackson's have gone through a re-structure with what music is played on each level See you next week! My last gig of the week will be on this coming Sunday.

My 1st gig this week will be on this coming Friday! Well i had my information wrong when it came to the time There was talk that there could be a gig for Australian listeners at a reasonable hour This converted into Australian time is Monday 22nd October at 4am.

I know most of us here in Australia will be catching some zzz's to be as fresh as you can be for work Monday morning So before i leave for work I'll post the mix that was aired on the blog. What a great party! It was a very mixed crowd in the bounce from all walks of life Never the less a successful night! I would like to thank David for organising every single person in the party to stop what they were doing at the crack of midnight to sing me happy birthday with a cake!

What a nice thing to do Never Say Never Vs. Ari strikes again with a Whitney Houston track that hit the charts back in Here is a remix from an upcoming Australian remixer! Good turn out tonight at the Luna Lounge! Again not sure why the level closes with the amount of people left at my last track!

Never the less For my final gig of the week The And Paarty Remix The And Paarty Dub Version Original Version Long Fellow — This Is Penis Sexual Society — Fucking Titty Hole Gang — Penis Delight Wild Boys — Pussy Thang Fly Boys — Fly Style Everybody Fuck Now Acapella Everybody Fuck Now 69 Mix Peter Rauhofer Radio Edit Peter Rauhofer Remix Edit Peter Rauhofer Mixshow Radio Peter Rauhofer Mixshow Anthem Peter Rauhofer Roxy Anthem Peter Rauhofer Roxy Dub Peter Rauhofer Tribal Anthem Peter Rauhofer Tribal Dub Home About Contact.

Push Studios 2 M. Ava record.

Rewind Rewind was a little bit of a dark spirit of a song too. Match of the Day: The Album. Little Bird - House of Magnetic Fields (Campos Magneticos) - Jean Michel Jarre* - In Concert Houston / Lyon Edit. Clay And The Lake - Sleeping For Sunrise - Skyline Symmetry Rauhofer Mixshow Anthem Romeo and Juliet. Keep going until you only have tracks one and two left on the screen. Time: Все Могут Короли - Алла Пугачева - Птица Певчая • Любимые Песни - Midnight! What happend to puroeuro? Lumidee and Fatman Scoop - Dance.
Your Friend And Mine - Neils Song - Love - Four Sail, 2000 & Beyond - Big K.R.I.T. - The Underground Edition, Der Zwergen-Rap (Remix (Abspann)) - Various - Original Soundtrack 7 Zwerge - Männer Allein Im Wald, Not Me - The Ethiopians - Train To Skaville 1966-1969

7 thoughts on “Read My Mind (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Mix) - Various - Promo Only Mainstream Club: June 07

  1. Hear My Name [Original Club Mix] Dance s: MCLUB_ Armand Van Helden: My My My [Original Club Mix] Dance s: MCLUB_ Armand Van Helden: Into Your Eyes [Original Club Mix] Dance s: MCLUB_ Armand Van Helden: When the Lights Go Down.
  2. The Killers song lyrics collection. Browse lyrics and The Killers albums. Lyrics. Read My Mind (Gabriel & Dresden unplugged mix) Read My Mind (Pet Shop Boys "Stars Are Blazing" mix) Promo Only: Mainstream Club, January Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, June
  3. My aspiration was always to organise an interview with Emma, and I’m glad we finally managed to do one about her fantastic album. I hope you will love her answers as much as I do, so I highly recommend you take your favorite drink, put on Emma’s album, and read this really brilliant interview.
  4. By The Way (DJ Escape Club Mix) Intuition (Gabriel & Dresden Hi-Tek Mix) Only One Too (Lenny B Club Mix) I Need A Miracle Sunflake Remix I Need A Miracle Your Loving Arms Nu Urban Traxx Volume Yahhh! Crank Dat Batman Hey Baby (Jump Off) Hypnotized Sexy Ladies Last Time Givein Me A Rush Never Never Land Girl You Know Drop & Gimme 50 I Won't Tell.
  5. Gabriel & Dresden - Live @ Ministry of Sound (London) - OCT Download Livesets & Dj Sets from Soundcloud Zippyshare Uploaded and all others sources listen free dj mixes and share them on all popular social networks.
  6. Chris Young - Raised On Country [Naked Cowboy Club Mix] Clean 11B mp3 Chris Young - Raised On Country [Naked Cowboy Club Mix] Clean CK Cut 11B mp3 Comethazine - DeMar bigband.fivegallonbucket.netinfo3 DaBaby - Next bigband.fivegallonbucket.netinfo3 Daddy Yankee - Con Calma [CK Intro - Clean] 1A mp3 DJ Maze - Clap Your Hands [JD Live Acapella Loop Clap In] Clean 1B mp3.
  7. Dec 08,  · January Markus Schulz - Global DJ Broadcast () [Paul van Dyk & Gabriel & Dresden Guest Mix] Markus Schulz Part 1 Flux - Inside Layo & Bushwaka - .

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