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Sign Up. Your items. Watch party. Join group settings More. Almost sounds like a wheezing noise; high…low…high…low…. Very perplexing because I had the water heater guy look at my gas water heater.

Nothing was wrong…. My ear hairs are even vibrating. I live in Kansas City, MO north of downtown, close to airport in a newly developing area.

This humming is all over my house and my body feels saturated by it, there is no escaping it, except to leave. Depends where you are in Jackson Cty, but the pipeline theory holds for you. I suggest you checkout the yahoo Hum forum and particpate. We have the same HUM and vibrotactical sensations on bodyparts. Constant pressure on the ear. Our pet was on prozazc when this all started, coyotes left the area.

Am hesitant to state the noise has stopped and the solution was to have an approx. I recall that in an earlier post I mentioned the changing out of the water heater but the humming continued…. Site seemed off line for a month. Naette, we in W CT have had about a week of relief. Started to ramp back up first few days of June, and continues to worsen. First house in Boulder I have heard this and its effects on my nervous system. Thought it was the neighbors radon fan-nope.

Not the electrical. This house has water handles on the wall to turn on when running the washing machine and turn off when done otherwise could explode into flood. Had water adjusted in house, but pressure is hard on hot water heater-need small additional tank of some sort attached to it.

Am getting the water main to the house checked out. Steve, any gas line changes in Boulder, Colorado? Landlord willing to let us out of our lease. Heard it in Mt. Princeton, Colorado at a natural springs place, too. Hmmm yes, I hear it as well. Live in coastal town in MA. I really began noticing it about a month ago but remember hearing and noticing it for the first time in the not to distant past. Either way I hear it constantly now when things are quiet and I find it extremely annoying.

It does not bother me to the extent that others who have posted are suffering i. To me it is a very low droning up and down hum with a sort of vibration like quality to it. It reminds me of how a propeller plane droning way off in the distance sounded when I was a little kid. Like everyone else has said, I want to KNOW what it is, where it is coming from and what is causing it. I hear it all over the house, and it is most noticable when it is quiet and seems worse at night.

I am just now sitting in the family room off the kitchen and the fridge went on…. To me it seems to come from the direction of the ceiling of whatever room I am in. I know it is not in the ceiling per se it just seems to me the direction from where the hum emanates. I have never ever posted a blog but for obvious reasons was compelled to write. Thank you. Yes, exactly how I would describe my house hum.

My next approach will be to acquire a stethescope and try and pinpoint a source location. No one else in my house hears it. I live in north east Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and there are plenty of under ground pipelines in my area. Thanks in advance. Never realized there was a page two. Anyhow Leonard, Susan, Min. Leonard- there is a Calgary group that seems active and allot of noise from BC. What town are you in for the mapping of HUM reports. Changes to Nat Gas supplies in NE have made things very bad, and our Government has their heads in the sand for what we keep telling them, for obvious reasons.

We are trying to do somethihng about it. Besides annoyance, there seems proof that this is causing the bat and bee declines. Other human health issues of Vibroacousitc dieases likely. Not to scare you, but contact your congressman. Our group has been trying to get from Congress attention. Check out the Yahoo Hum forum, there are many others. Stay in contact. In my area there is only bottle LPG gas available but that hum is there In any case to my ear it seems more like a a low frequency electrical type of sound, a two note alternating drone.

Further to this, We had a local total electricity failure two nights ago and the hum persisted regardless. So discount electric-related causes. Still not convinced with the gas pipeline explanation as they are quite removed from where I live. I am getting a stethescope today in an endeavour to localise the source.

Last night it really sounded like a type of hydraulic pulse you would hear emanating from pipes with liquid vibrating inside. It was quite strong very early this morning it felt like the air was resonating at extremely low frequency.

Then do an area wide measure to pin pont the epicenter. Keep in mind, you need induced room or car reasonance to cause the hum. Search on room reasonace, nodes and anti nodes. The sound system folks understand this stuff better than me. I have also gone through the long list of things to check, in addition to talking to senior transportation engineers regarding the poor condition of nearby.

There was an antenna-type structure added to the top of nearby power line tower back then, and I also had a new roof with a ridge vent installed. At suggestion of engineers began tracking weather conditions air pressure, temp.

Noise drastically reduced end of April for no reason I could determine, ecstatically thought it was gone, but is now back.

Audiology report was normal. Would be willing to wear low-frequency-dampening hearing aid full-time if it were possible. Thanks for a place to share and to sympathize with the rest of you. Hi Steve. Thank you so much for the mention in your reply on June 8th. You asked where in MA I live. I live in Marshfield with my husband and two sons and I am the only one in my family that hears the HUM. Just moi. I asked my next door neighbor if she hears anything at her house and of course she does not.

I have started to tell a few other friends and relatives and some of the reactions I am receiving are interesting to say the least. So there you have it. I have also broached the subject with a very intelligent and knowledgeable friend of mine who works in public health to see what she thinks as well. The reason we have exposed this is coincidnece and follow up testing research from two large NG compressors installed here in a residnetial neighborhood.

I believe you meant started hearing? The reason for the location is to plot HUM locations around the US for proof of our theory to congress and the media. Points plotted on a national interstate HP Natural system map which we have exposed as starting to have caused increased levels of trouble since though some areas affleicted much longer.

Susan- If I plotted your hearing location correctly in MA, your 10 miles from differnt Gas lines so your location might be impacted, but testing would be needed to track down the source. El dorado hills on teh other hand fits the gas line theory- both haz liquid and natural gas lines withn 11 miles, solid bedrock and likely faults to carry the ILFN sound waves good distances. You should listen for yourself.

Also, if they are hearing it ask if they constantly hear an iding deisel outside their house, with no explanation- it will open discussion. MAybe get atention in congress soon.

Hey Steve, a few questions please. I started that Topix forum by the way, and would like to update it soon with information I have found since then on a very complex subject, and possibly refer to this site regarding LFN and proximity to nat.

I think there are several possible issues going on in posts submitted here related to LFN from sources originating outside of the house but heard in the house or cars though, among them is LFN from freeways, which is covered extensively on websites, as well as from gas lines. I just discovered that we are approximately feet from a Nat. What is the distance range for people being able to hear LFN from gas lines?

How do you account for variability in level of intensity? Pressure in the line? Atmospheric conditions? There are also LFNs that are audible to most people of normal hearing range and reported by a large population in an area, and then there are the LFNs heard by some of us who have had the misfortune of developing a sensitivity to LFN which others do not hear.

Assumption is that the hearing sensitivity developed recently and not that the noise started recently Have you found that LFN from gas lines is easily heard by the general population as opposed to only sensitives, or is it that we are we hearing different things? Any web site resources on studies specific to gas lines and LFN?

Is the report you are presenting available for viewing online? Thanks Steve. Using a quiet car as mobile lab have used FFT and octave analysis proofed 25 miles away from our epicenter location.

Prominent freqs here in CT are 40, 30 and 16 hz. Highway noise is higher spectal frequencies, DOT info shows that. Measurements at 2 am in the morning no traffic , high HUM, high frequency activity- not highways. Elect lines in the US at 60 and hz and no impact at ft where we live from them consultant confirmed. You need allot of power to make this HUM and the gas lines have hundreds of thousands of HP pumping into them.

Also the compositon of gas has changes affecting components once designed ok, now not, Also gas flows directions have changed as sources change- all account to variability — the gas lines radiate ILFN, sound travels like seismic waves as evidneced by seiches in our pool.

The interact with foundations, caves, etc to casue resonance and HUM, with resultant vibrotactical sensations toteh feet and butt. This ILFN is also suspected to be causing teh bat and bee problems and likely other unexplained un natrual ecosystem diasters in teh last few years not chemicals, cell phones or power lines or HArrp — Ferc and all those guys are bewildered as I guess no one has ever come to this conclusion unless covered up NO WEB SITES we are trying to teh govt to engage, but as you can expect they are resistant considering teh consequences of truth here.

Geology may attentuate it in you peaceful locations, sand etc, really need experts at this point. Nosie started and those sensitve enough hear it, Changes in gas line operations is casuing it. And teh systems have had major changes since , especiaaly pushing into the northeast where we live. Trying to get into news, the work is electronic format.

I am sure this will generte more questions, feel free to bounce back. Yahoo Hum forum is active. I live in a rural area ,no water pipes except plastic for my well pump. As I said before It is Micro Wave hearing.

I never heard it until I move ft. It has followed me to my acreage when towers were placed near by. The only way I can live with it is to have other noise the blanks it out.

It has a vibration that penetrates into my nervous system. My only hope is that those that are causing this will suffer more than I do!! The only way I can live with it is to have other noise that blanks it out. But this is really geting bad. The only way is to contact your congressman and newspaper.

With people over during the day or even during the evening, are not bothered as much. Neither one of us is sleeping well anymore, waking up many tines every evening. For many years this was an extremely quiet house in a very quiet neighborhood which has seen changes from a new development nearby, completed for a couple of years now, with underground electricity and expanded water lines.

We think the hum began around this time. Others have also heard it in our house. One night we got in the car, and followed the hum to the nearest power station. But perhaps we were temporarily insane that night. Having dismissed traffic noise and all but one industrial source, our current prevailing theory is that it is some sort of localized phenomena involving RF and power line noise.

Would love for it to go far far away. Columbia Gas has what looks to be a large line about 2 miles south of center of Franklin. Seismic like low frequency, ground born sound is reasonating your home and inside your parked car. Typically symptoms all over, and mine all over western CT within at least 25 miles of our 2 systems passing by. I actually was there spring of at forest Creek and heard outside a HUM after studying it as an inside thing here in CT.

Bewildered me. Majority of Humers hear it most often inside. I beleive some places there may be some reasonance of geological structures that might be heard in dead silence outside, needs allot more invetigation.

Mains pressure would have to be higher to cope with delivery of water to elevated houses. Water pressure is the only answer here I think — no Natural Gas pipeline etc in this area. I have been hearing the same low frequency hum for about a year and a half now on and off and first noticed it when i got up during the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

I live in the UK in a quiet road and thought it was a wind turbine that was making the noise as it started about the time the turbine started to be used, so i complained to the local council but when the turbine stopped being used, the noise to my dismay carried on and it really begun to affecting my sleep and quality of life as i started to listen for it all the time.

I know exactly how everyone feels as i am goin through it now all the time and it seems like living hell being irritable, tired, grumpy and snappy all the time, i will have to try and look into the gas pipe theory and go from there. I checked the UK grid map and for her down thru Durham and into Teeside there shows a line, proably north sea gas??? The ILFN infrasond low frequency noise these radiate can travels 10 to 50 miles, at least, depending on geology and intensity of source radiator — somehing in the gas flow stream has changed.

Chri- you might want to join Yahoo Hum forum and exchange notes with Maggi locted near Newcstle. And yes, other things can cause LFN, but the gas lines explain why it covers hundreds of miles. This damn sound is very real! I started noticing it last January. Hoped it was related to winter weather…NOPE! The sound is everywhere in my house and yet not in walls or pipes that I can detect. No angle has panned out. I AM along the lake, though, and there is a flood concern for this region.

They have been exploring possibilities for drainage. There are several musical notes to this sound, mostly low but a few here and there that are higher. I have a musical ear. Another note…we had a power failure this summer. This Steve. And that he low frequency sound waves travel many miles. Heres a link for you to check you location. I have had a hum in my house since about I have checked all utilities, not it. I had a power outage for 8 days, still the hum. I live in a rural part of North West New Jersey.

Most men can not hear it. I hear it mostly at night and on the North side of the house. Does anyone have any clue as to what this could be?? Engineers from the power company said it is something they havent ever come accross, ever. Considering your on bedrock and faults could be pipeline HUM from them.

The hypothesis being worked is that major changes in operations from these lines due to gas demand and things like Marshallus Shale gas are causing these lines to have internal low freq noise radiated from them, like sieimic waves.

A couple weeks ago chatted with a lady from warren county. Are you in warren or Sussex. I am in warren county and I am going crazy with this sound. It is getting louder. Who can I call about this. Thank you so much for your response. Someone else in warren co. I am following teh announcements of the Marcellus gas pipelines, and western Jersey is getting a few more…. Humming Buzz in France. I have read with interest all the comments posted and feel compelled to give you my experiences here in France.

We moved to what seemed to be a peaceful rural area with no traffic or industry. After a short time we became aware of a humming,buzzing low frequency noise. What could it be? After turning off all electric supply the noise still persisted. It seemed to come through the solid walls of the house. First instincts were ear problems,tinnitus. However driving a few miles the noise lessened and eventually stopped. Conclusion,must be a localised source ,but what can it be?.

After extensive local research as to potential sources we have concluded that the hum source is a local chicken farm housing chickens,replaced every 12 weeks. My guess is the cooling fans and feeding machinery causes local air disturbance of low frequency which is capable of penetrating solid walls.

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