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Drei seiner Mannschaftskollegen blieben bei ihm. Die Belgier versuchten Anschluss herzustellen, schaffen es auf Grund des hohen Tempos im Hauptfeld jedoch nicht. Heinz Gleinig und Bernhard Trefflich konnten nach einer Verfolgungsjagd die Spitzengruppe komplettieren. Milko Dimow setzte sich im Zielsprint durch und sicherte sich den zweiten bulgarischen Etappensieg dieser Rundfahrt.

Sie fuhren drei Minuten Vorsprung heraus. Raymond van Hoven setzte sich im Zielsprint vor Stanislav Svoboda und den drei Briten durch und holte den zweiten belgischen Etappensieg dieser Rundfahrt. Direkt nach dem Start ging es in die Berge, und das Feld zerfiel in viele kleine Gruppen. Die zehnte Etappe war bei dieser Tour die erste auf tschechoslowakischem Boden. Eine melodische Frauenstimme im Vordergrund und eine reiche Instrumentalwelt im Hintergrund kommen bei mir an.

Mai CEST. Sinfonien , Konzerte , Klaviermusik der Klassik, Romantik, z. Ptolusque spielt diese Instrumente: klassische Gitarre , Akustikbass , Maultrommel. Werke, welche ich selbst auf der Gitarre spiele bzw.

Auf commons vorhandene Aufnahmen zu den Werken sind mit der Grafik verlinkt. Und das bei dem Altersunterschied. Note: Sarazyn??? Eine Auflistung sei an dieser Stelle erspart. Home FAQ Contact. Benutzer:Antifaschist Benutzer:Boris Fernbacher. Christoph Radtke. Danny Busch. Denis Barthel. Der Meister. Elendsredder seit Erwin E aus U. Florian Huber.

Gaius Marius. Gaston Boucher. Gunter Krebs. Hajo Keffer. Hans Koberger. Harro von Wuff. Holger Sambale. Huhu Uet. Jack User. Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet - Dance of the knights. Fancy - Chinese Eyes. Parov Stelar - Booty Swing. Dayton - The Sound of Music. Killing Joke - Eighties. Die faschistischen Staalsstrelchmethoden Adenauers zur Durchsetzung seiner verbrecherischen Kriegspolitik werden von der westdeutschen Presse in zahlreichen Kommentaren und Artikeln mit seltener Heltigkeit angeprangert.

Berlin ADN. Bonn Eig. Liebe Genossin Greta Kuckhoff! Leipzig ADN. Paris Eig. Paris ADN. Dezember, um 13 Uhr, und am Donnerstag, dem Dezember, um 9 Uhr zu ihrer Sie haben eine Mauer der Verleumdungen und Feindseligkeiten durchbrochen. Vor allem ist an Indochina, Griechenland, Malaya und Indonesien zu erinnern. Schiffsladungen mit neuen amerikanischen Waffen wurden in Frankreich und Italien entladen.

Die Angst vor einem neuen Weltkrieg wuchs, nicht zuletzt weil Stimmungen propagiert wurden, dass ein solcher Krieg unvermeidlich sei. Director Roel Wouters focusses in on a glossy black ball rolling over a monochrome, geometric landscape evoking early computer animation experiments, only to pull away to reveal a simple handcranked cylinder which is being used to perpetrate the illusion. The video performance as performance art — as video art — has never been nearer. This intermingling and borrowing has never been clearer.

Music video has gone back to basics. This unthinking obedience here is not stopped even by the constant attempt to instil in the people the will to individuality. Individuality remains decoration, part of the functioning machine. Was so gekonnt und anmutig erscheint, ist aus der Not geboren. Er entwickelte seine Fortbewegungsmethode in Perfektion. Ein Tanz in einer Einstellung. A trip through the city on skateboard and crutches. What looks so skilful and graceful, is actually born of necessity.

The protagonist, Bill Shannon, has been born with a defect hip; his legs could not carry his weight. He has practised his way of movement to perfection.

A dance in one take. Dann erscheinen Springer mit Papptafeln und bunten Kartons. Mit analogen Mitteln wird ein digitales Tableau der Spezialeffekte erschaffen. Eine Live-Performance in einer Einstellung, die exakt so lang dauert, bis der Ladebalken abgelaufen ist. Then jumpers with carton boards and colourful boxes appear. A digital tableau of special effects is created by analogue means.

A live performance in one take, lasting exactly as long as the loading bar takes to expire. A new chapter of the online furore. Only weeks after its release, over , users had seen the clip. Das erzeugt Unbehagen — wie immer, wenn eine ideale Konstante unserer Wahrnehmung irritiert wird. This makes us feel uneasy — as is always the case, when an ideal constant of our perception is being irritated.

By means of infrared optics, Jaron Alberin creates a universe of hell, populated by seemingly transparent beings. Someone is stoking up a fire; fluids are flowing over porcelain-like bodies, black tears flowing over cheeks. An eerily beautiful underworld. This is a long documentation lasting more than ten minutes, in which interviews, concert performances and music videos by the band are strung together and create a new form in which the real and the imaginary become indistinguishable.

Here, it is no longer a matter of promoting a single piece of music, but a whole world of images with which this music adorns itself, a form of life. Everything only exists for the moment.

Everything comes from form and returns to form as a draft, temporary existence. Layers of paper overlie each other to create an absurd theatre of form that continues jerkily and sometimes violently. Here, childhood is a paradise to which one would not like to return. Menschen schauen in die Kamera und weinen. A seemingly simple documentation turns into an action thriller of the emotions.

People look into the camera and cry. At the same time, however, it is also a series of portraits that afflicts the gaze looking at us with a strange shame and seems to demand an encounter.

In other words, the last thing one would have expected from a music video. Am Ende wird man kein Gesicht erkannt haben. The face of the singer undergoes endless transformations by means of a series of simple mechanical operations, adhesive strips, plastic bags or clothes pegs.

This makes singing itself difficult and grimacing natural. By the end, no face will have been recognised. A group picture from days gone by. What seems so ordinary is reduced to absurdity, and all of a sudden the ladies involuntarily become a medium of the sound: submissive and thus perfect music machines. Rote Farbe spritzt auf die Walze.

A test set-up: a black ball is rolling over a turning roller with filled balloons and hits one balloon after the other. Red colour spatters on the roller. Entstanden ist ein halluzinatorisches Fischballett der besonderen Art, das ein junger Mann, gespielt von Rory Jennings, fassungslos beobachtet. The result is a hallucinatory fish ballet of a particular kind, being observed by a bewildered young man Rory Jennings.

Darin finden sich allerlei wundersame, fleischliche Wesen. Leg bridges, hand wheels, finger cacti or biomass as building materials. The surreal realms through which we are travelling consist of photographs of human body parts in which there are all sorts of strange, carnal beings. An inverted version of popular body deconstruction. A white screen. A camera movement shows high heels in a shiny bright red. Slowly the various body parts of a digital super woman become visible.

Accompanied by the soft sound of Emiliana Torrini, the female body assembles itself. Luftgitarre und Kuscheltiere. A music video of entrancing simplicity, almost do-it-yourself. Air guitar and soft toys. The video camera pans so fast that the auto-focus goes haywire. Here, the music video returns to the nursery, where boys dreamt of becoming rock stars and girls of becoming fairy queens, where the music begins to dream along with these childish desires.

Es kommt noch eine ganze Menge: Konsum ohne Grenzen als Schlussakkord einer degenerierten Gesellschaft. Ace Norton is playing with the expectations of the spectator. What we see seems only too familiar, beautiful, half-naked women lounging around lasciviously in front of the camera — what more can we expect? There is a lot more to come: unlimited consumption as final chord of a degenerated society.

Die Natur reklamiert etwas Undomestizierbares im Klon. The clip describes the seizure of power by the artificial beings in the art world. In a wondrous way and with immense rapidity, rabbits multiply during studio recordings. They behave badly and end up blowing up the film set. These cute creatures show us an obscene, ruthless and promiscuous side of their being. Nature lays claim to something untamable in the clone.

Hier erreichen die beiden einen neuen Grad des Reduktionismus in der Performance. Weniger geht immer. In her own films, Miranda July, aka Blonde Redhead, has described absurd everyday situations, while Mike Mills has given us some of the most convincing documents of youth culture.

Here, the two of them reach a new degree of reductionism in the performance. Less is always possible. The posing of the stars is given a simple logic: one pose per second. Take the Money and Run? Alsbald wurde klar, dass ein an Neuem orientierter Ansatz sich nicht unbedingt auf Filme der letzten paar in unseren Augen einen Wendepunkt markierenden Jahre begrenzen musste. They have an order organized by spontaneity. Laughter, memory, and intuition — hardly the product of mere education — are based on this raw material of associations.

This is the more-than-ten-thousandyear-old cinema to which the invention of the film strip, projector and screen only provided a technological response. In that case, maybe we were not so far off the mark to hope to re-organize that more or less spontaneous flow of nomadic associations known as street life and to condense its dilute power from the ten-thousand year i. All right, an impossible standard — but a useful one, nevertheless. Soon enough, it became clear that an approach that set out toward the new was not limited to films produced in the past few in our view, watershed years.

There were in fact films made in , , , or whenever that still forced or facilitated distinctive reckonings with the historical moment in which we live. Often these were films that saw their own historical moment with a spirit of raw urgency and thus when screened have the feeling of unkept promises, of a barely tapped — mostly banked — potential.

Das mag riskant gewesen sein. Nichtsdestotrotz scheint die gestische Wurzel des Widerstands dem latenten Potential der Leute oder einem differenzierten Teil davon nahezulegen, das Risiko einzugehen und aufzustehen.

Was spontan ist, turned up in our research. This was risky, perhaps. In the end, roughly half the screened films are recent. And nearly half are produced or co-produced by women. As artists slash curators our object was to find out what precise shapes and what forms of motion such otherwise deliberately undefined resistance was presently taking in experimental political cinema. Today, when power so successfully exploits the apparent contradiction between terror and security to scare off concerted resistance, the concentration of political experimental film on the subject of history and the transformation of everyday life may be crucial.

These programs aim to take up this question of the resisting subject at once from the point of view of the history of oppositional film and from current oppositional practices in film and video. In the English language, the term resistance is commonly used to describe the concerted acts of people who take a stand, often against great odds, against the powers that be.

In fact, the root of resist is stand. Such acts of opposing power, as the root word confirms, do not initially imply active violence. To the contrary, it is clear that this resistant motion of standing up together does no more than block the continuation of force such as the legitimated violence of the state, at whatever level.

There is always an alternative to resistance: not standing up — staying supine, a suppliant, a doormat. However, the gestural root of resistance appears to suggest the latent potential of a people or differentiated fraction thereof to take the risk of standing up. The films in these programs are the cultural equivalent of such gestures of intervention to block a forward flow at least temporarily, and perhaps to create an imaginative rupture.

Is it possible to substantiate more precisely this apparent connection between cultural resistance and spontaneity? However, it is possible to conceptualize spontaneity provisionally, simply as a space between, a space where the unexpected i.

Because if such permission was put into place by whatever order of power, even biopower it would no longer be perceptible as spontaneous. Die Taktik hat nur den Ort des Anderen. Kollektiv und kooperativ Filme zu machen war schon immer eine andere Art von politischem Experiment mit weniger einfach zu erkennenden Resultaten.

So fanden wir bei der Recherche zu diesem Programm heraus, dass bereits eine high among possible alternatives. No delimitation of an exteriority, then, provides it with the condition necessary for autonomy. The space of a tactic is the space of the other. Thus it must play on and with a terrain imposed on it and organized by the law of a foreign power. Collectively and cooperatively made film has always amounted to another sort of political experiment with less easily discernible results.

In any case, the premise of collective cinema is that common experience of cultural production is indispensable to the development of popular change. Convincing spontaneity requires the gestural seizure of the spirit of a moment.

Fine, but how then to reconcile the tactical moment with that ten-thousand year history of mental protest, which would, by definition, be strategic? These alternative esthetics are often rooted in non-realist, often non-Western or para-Western cultural traditions featuring other historical rhythms, other narrative structures, other views of the body, sexuality, spirituality, and the collective life.

Manifesto, S. Manifesto, New York: Verso , S. Ella Shohat und Robert Stam, S. Adorno, Filmtransparente, in: Ohne Leitbild. Adorno, Filmtransparente, S.

Shohat und Stam, S. Neben Festivalpreisen hat sie Aufenthalts- und andere Stipendien z. Working in film, video, photomontage, installation, and digital photography, Sherry Millner has aimed to subvert the stable and conventional definitions that structure a range of popular idioms from the disaster movie and criminality to femininity, pregnancy, the family, and representatons of violence. Her work has been exhibited at festivals throughout the U.

Her photomontages and photo-text pieces have been published in many journals including Heresies, The Independent, Social Text, and Public Culture. In addition to film and video collaborations with Sherry Millner, Ernest Larsen writes fiction and media criticism.

His novel, Not a Through Street, was nominated for an Edgar. His collaborative video projects have been exhibited and won awards at major festivals throughout the world London, Sydney, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Dallas, Los Angeles, etc.

Doch ist Lesbarkeit ihrerseits gemeinhin eine Frage der Bildung, die nur ein recht kleines Publikum anspricht, das bereits mit den entsprechenden Entzifferungswerkzeugen ausgestattet ist. Das Ergebnis war Selbstzensur. Dieser Kampf um das symbolische Kapital hat jedoch noch eine weitere Dimension, scheint es doch, als seien wir nun alle Neoliberale. Die Kunstwelt hat in den vergangenen Jahrzehnten Metastasen gebildet. Is art itself legible in a context of reception so dominated by exchange value that all other parameters of legibility are effaced?

But legibility itself is generally a matter of education, which addresses a relatively small audience already equipped with appropriate tools of decipherment. The matter of criticality has some resonance in the US, but not in every corner of the US art world, which has no iron rules of public censorship but rather variable ones for different cultural segments. Although during the so-called culture wars, right-wing elites managed to restrict public funding of certain types of art, and to stigmatize it, the artists subjected to its campaigns have not suffered in the marketplace.

On the contrary, art institutions feel stung and have reacted accordingly. The result has been self-censorship. The public success of the censorship campaigns stems partly from the myth of a classless, unitary culture: the pretense that in the US, art and culture belong to all and very little specific knowledge or education is really necessary in understanding art.

The political specifics of US censorship campaigns, however, have been that they take mostly the form of moral panics meant to mobilize authoritarian religious fundamentalists in the service of destroying the narrative and the reality of the liberal welfare state; this state of affairs may be peculiar to the US. But there is another dimension to this struggle over symbolic capital, because it seems that we are all neoliberals now.

The art world has metastasized over the past few decades. None of us art world denizens find validation outside the commodity-driven system of galleries, museums, foundations, and magazines. We are all in effect competing across borders, though some of us are equipped with advantages apart from our artistic talents.

Dieses sich neu entwickelnde System, nicht seine Inhalte, stehen zur Debatte. Dieser Zustand beschreibt selbstredend auch jegliche Art von Migrations- und Wanderarbeit unter derzeitigen Bedingungen, da diese dem Kapitalfluss folgen.

After hesitating over the new global image game in which the prepotent competition is mass culture , the art world has responded by developing several systems for regularizing standards and markets. It is this newly evolving system, not its contents, that is at issue.

Three means have raised art world visibility and power under the new global imperative. The burgeoning biennials of the s have elicited derision, but serve to insert an urban, and often national, locale into the international circuit, creating a physical space to attract art and art world members. The biennial model provides not only a physical circuit but also a regime of production and normalization. This condition, of course, defines migrant and itinerant labor of all varieties under current conditions, as it follows the flow of capital.

Localities have also sought to capitalize on art world holdings by building highprofile buildings by celebrity architects. Ein letzter gemeinsamer Zug dieser neuen globalen Kunst ist ein leicht fassbarer Multikulturalismus, der eine Art Vereinte Nationen der globalen Stimmen auf dem Speiseplan der kulinarischen Kunstproduktion schafft.

Bisher ist kein Ende der Kunst abzusehen, die eine kritische Position einnimmt — wenn auch vielleicht nicht immer auf dem Markt oder in der Erfolgsmaschinerie selbst, ohne ernsthaft umgeschrieben for portfolio suitability, while off-site fun parties and dinners , fabulousness conspicuous consumption , and non-art shopping are the selling points for the best attended fairs, those in Miami, New York, and London and of course the original, Basel.

Predictions about the road to artistic success in this scene are easy to make. The art content of these containers and markets should avoid being excessively arcane and hard to grasp, love, and own, and store or lend. The look of solemnity will trump depth and incisive commentary every time, which accounts for the success of Conceptualism lite in any form, including museum-friendly video installations, film, animation, computer installations, and saleable props for performances.

The youth of the artist is also a big plus. A final common feature of this new global art is a readily graspable multiculturalism that creates a sort of United Nations of global voices on the menu of culinary art production. Multiculturalism is a bureaucratic tool for social control, after all, rendering difference cosmetic. Political opinions can become mannerist tropes. But the function of biennials or other contemporary art is often also to make a geopolitical situation itself visible to the audience, which means that art continues to have a mapping and even critical function with regard to geopolitical realities.

The art world core of cognoscenti who validate work on the basis of criteria that set it apart from the broad audience may favor work with critical edge, though perhaps not for the very best reasons. Work engaged with real-world issues or exhibiting other forms of criticality offers a certain satisfaction and flatters the viewer, provided that it does not too baldly implicate the class or subject position of the viewer.

Criticality can take many forms, including highly abstract ones, and execute many artful dodges. Simply put, to some connoisseurs and collectors, criticality is a stringently attractive brand. There is so far no end to art that adopts a critical stance — although perhaps not always in the market and success machine itself, without being seriously rewritten, often in a process that just takes time.

It is this time of absorption and disinfection, a long process after all, that allows for the proper reading of the work and its ability to speak to present conditions. Daneben schreibt sie Kritiken. Martha Rosler lives in New York and works in video, photo-text, installation and performance, and she writes criticism. She has published several books of photographs, texts, and commentary on public space, ranging from airports and roads to housing and homelessness.

Hier geschehe etwas wahrhaft Bemerkenswertes. Wer den Anderen beschmutzen kann, ob nun selbst rein oder nicht, sei der Boss. Everything that the big city threw away, everything it lost, everything it despised, everything it crushed underfoot, he catalogs and collects. This sentence by Paul Ricoeur, sums up the entire role of dirt in society. Here something truly remarkable happens. That is, all dirt relationships are reinterpreted as power relationships.

Anyone carrying dirt is powerful, and anyone in power utilizes dirt for purposes of control. The one who can defile others, whether clean himself or not, is the boss. Anthropologist Mary Douglas defined dirt as matter out of place. These films question unexamined social definitions of the marginal and the dirty, that which is perceived by the powers that be to be out of place.

Put into contention: - the troublesome question of the social definition and status of marginality in relation to power - the question of the inversion of high and low in artistic practice - how does the liminality of garbage put into question the organization of urban existence?

A wordless, unblinkingly precise, immaculate look at the machinic disposal of endless rivers of human excrement, with no humans in sight. A chillingly ironic portrayal of the absolute efficiency of the removal of human waste from the visual field and from urban existence altogether. Auch Menschen, die das moderne globale System nutzlos gemacht hat, landen auf diesem Haufen.

Humans made useless and functionless by the modern global system are also added to the pile. A radical film collective documents a collective action in defiant support of a New York City sanitation workers strike. Die Wahrheit einer Gesellschaft liegt in ihrem Abfall. The truth of a society is in its detritus.

A rigorously performative argument for the radical democratization of art production and a reconsideration of its relation to work. Learning Processes Freitag 2. September erheblich beeinflusst zu haben. Er rechnet ab mit falschem Anarcho-Liberalismus, mit falschem Avantgardismus, mit sozialer Demagogie, mit linken Spaltungen.

It is a reckoning with anarcho-liberalism, with false avant-gardism, with social demagogy, with left-wing fraction. How does a subject who may well be resistant within everyday life to conscious knowledge of oppression grasp the potential of transformation?

These films capture something of this dynamic range — and how these alternatives can create new conditions, new situations, new outcomes, sometimes deadly ones.

Studium der Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaften und Lateinamerikanistik. Contributions to the WDR programme Filmtip. Sieben der 16 Videoarbeiten sind digitale Formate. The past, we must realize, is not over. Sind also Filmfestivals selber schon ein Anachronismus? Kylyvnyk u. Kevin L. Leider Bill Harts Jig - The Dubliners - Ballads On Tap der Sender trotzdem nicht ganz meinem Stil, Test One Two Three - C.A.R. - Beyond The Zero nur aktuelle Titel gespielt werden. Benutzer:Boris Fernbacher.
Jogging / Countdown - Various - Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo 3DS / Wii U (A Smashing Soundtrack), Im Gonna Get Married - Lloyd Price - Im Gonna Get Married, Reflections - Cruel Frederick - We.Are.The.Music.We.Play, Crispy - Licky Licky, Hot Cargo - Weather Report - SportinLife

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  2. Schreiben des britischen Premierministers an den Führer vom August Antwortschreiben des Führers an den britischen Premierminister vom August Aus dem Telegramm des Botschafters Sir Nevile Henderson an den britischen Außenminister Lord Halifax vom August über seine Unterredung mit dem Führer
  3. Es wird Zeit ein freies Volk zu werden da es reicht über 70 Jahre unter den Einfluss der USA zustehen,die haben von dem Deutschem Volk genug an Euros bekommen. Wir brauchen eine Staatsverfassung damit das Volk endlich wieder sagen kann wo .
  4. Der Wiener Kongress und seine "diplomatische Revolution". Ein kulturgeschichtlicher Streifzug Was im Annex der Wiener Kongressakte im Juni verbindlich geregelt wurde, kam einer "diplomatischen Revolution" nahe. Die den Kongress dominierenden Hauptmächte – die Signatarmächte des im Frühsommer geschlossenen Ersten Pariser Friedens (Russland, Großbritannien, Österreich.
  5. Die bigband.fivegallonbucket.netinfoationale Friedensfahrt war ein Radrennen, das vom April bis zum Mai ausgetragen wurde. Die fünfte Ausgabe des Amateur-Radetappenrennens bestand aus zwölf Einzeletappen und führte auf einer Gesamtlänge von Kilometer von Warschau über Berlin nach bigband.fivegallonbucket.netinfo wurde die Friedensfahrt erstmals auch auf dem Boden der DDR bigband.fivegallonbucket.netinfo Trikot: Vereinigtes Konigreich Ian Steel.
  6. In diesem Soundtrack der Wikipedianer wird versucht, eine Sammlung von Songs, Bands, Komponisten und Musikern zu erstellen, die die Wikipedianer hören. Man lernt eine Menge über Menschen und kann auch ihre Stimmungen und Ideen besser verstehen, wenn man "ihre" Musik kennenlernt. Es wäre schön, wenn sich hier möglichst viele Wikipedianer eintragen, sei es mit ihren Alltime-Favourites oder.
  7. Eröffnungsrede von Victor Hugo beim Pariser Friedenskongress Geschrieben am 03/06/ 03/06/ von Hansuli. Viele unter Ihnen kommen aus den entferntesten Orten der Erde. Unter Ihnen sind Publizisten, Philosophen, Geistliche, prominente Schriftsteller, viele jener bemerkenswerten Menschen, jener bekannten und beliebten Menschen.

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