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It was at this time that General Figueroa issued a fervent and eloquent appeal to the loyalty of his troops and his countrymen. In exhorting them to deeds of valour, he declared that he himself would [62] lead his army in defence of the national honour even to death, and his previous military experience would certainly have enabled him to have carried them to success. General Figueroa's "Proclamation to the Salvadorean People" is worth quotation in these pages, and I therefore give it in full as follows:.

Santos Zelaya, in violation of the faith imposed in international agreements, has broken his solemn obligations contracted through the intervention of the Governments of the United States and Mexico. At daybreak this morning he surprised the small military force at Acajutla, and has landed Nicaraguan forces with the object of conquest. Before this brutal offence which the Nicaraguan Government has committed against us, we should all, as one man, gather round the flag of our country and defend it, letting our blood flow rather than allow it to be stained by the adventurers who, in an evil hour, seek to defile it.

The national honour, the deeds of our forefathers, the future of our children, and the lofty legends of our people, cry to us to arise and punish the insolence of the Nicaraguan President, and to preserve, not only our military glory and our interests, which recent events in Honduras have shown to be in danger, but the respect that our heroic army has inspired whenever it has been called upon in defence of our country.

Before permitting the arms of an audacious adventurer to violate the soil of our beloved country, whose safeguard is entrusted to the national army and to your undoubted patriotism, prefer yes, a thousand times, death with honour on the battle-field, where I will accompany you even to death.

It is satisfactory to know that the Presidential call to arms, in addition to the strong personal influence which General Figueroa wielded, shortly afterwards put an end to the trouble that had threatened at one time to assume the most serious aspects, and to have involved the whole of the five States in a fierce struggle.

Now that the threatening cloud has been dispersed—it may be hoped for all time—it is possible to smile at some of the incidents which have been related in connection with the embroilment. It is, for instance, related that the invasion of Salvadorean territory, the first step of which took place in the month of June, , failed of achievement principally on account of a personal dispute which broke out between the two Revolutionary Generals, Rivas and Alfaro.

Before leaving one another, it was arranged, however, that the Republic of Salvador should be divided in half, General Rivas to rule the Eastern zone, with headquarters at San Salvador, and General Alfaro to rule the Western zone, with headquarters at Sonsonate.

To this proposition General Alfaro also strongly objected at first, but consented reluctantly later; and while the two future victors were quarrelling as to what they would do with the territory which was not yet theirs, a messenger arrived hot-haste from the Capital with the unpleasant tidings that General Figueroa was coming in person with a train-load of troops to Sonsonate.

Thereupon followed a hasty and most undignified retreat to Acajutla, and an eyewitness has left a humorous description of how the brave invaders, in their desire to get out as soon as possible, precipitated themselves into small boats, barges, and lighters, or any kind of thing that floated, making their way to the gunboat Momotombo , up the sides of which they scrambled helter-skelter, glad enough to be safely off [65] Salvadorean territory and once more on their way to the refuge of the Nicaraguan port of Corinto.

The gunboat was obliged, as all vessels are, to anchor a half-mile from the Acajutla pier, men, arms, and ammunition having to be conveyed over that distance in any kind of boat of which they could command the use. At an early period of the invasion it is certain that General Figueroa had the situation well in hand. He was always popular with the army, and he likewise possessed the complete confidence of the Salvadorean people, who felt that in his strong hands the safety of the Republic lay.

Moreover, by his excellent system of organizing the Intelligence Department of his army, and the care with which he had selected his officers, General Figueroa was always in complete possession of the plans and actions of the opposing force; and even when these latter fatuously supposed that he knew nothing, and was doing nothing, to check their advance, General Figueroa was laying his plans with consummate ability, and, as we now know, he ultimately executed them with complete success.

Alfaro, who for the nonce had become a "General," was never an opponent worth much consideration; while General Rivas only displayed any marked ability when conspiring and organizing foreign troops, destined to be led to battle, when led at all, by others than himself. The only man who had any chance of making serious difficulty, and who might have fostered formidable trouble, was Barahona, of whose actions and intentions the President was always fully aware, and who at the psychological moment consigned him to the security of a prison.

And there he kept him until the worst trouble was over. The conciliatory measures which were adopted at the beginning by General Figueroa and his Government were adhered to throughout the upheaval, and it is only right that impartial history should record the dignified and sane proceedings which characterized the attitude of the Republic of Salvador at this period. The views which General Figueroa entertained and acted upon throughout are clearly reflected in an official communication addressed to a well-known American, the then Consul-General for Salvador in the United States.

General Figueroa said:. This Government did not, however, act hastily, assuming, rather, an expectative attitude, but nevertheless following closely the trend of affairs, until the moment had arrived when active work was to be begun. It was also noted that many of these left the Capital two or three days before for other towns, and all of them were closely followed. The Government was prepared for all emergencies; barracks were ready, and the proper orders given to crush any movements on their part.

The Government is now in possession of the persons of most of the authors of the conspiracy, and the guilty ones are being proceeded against legally. Fortunately, the trouble has not interfered with the progress of the country, nor with the gathering of the coffee crop which is now in progress; while the Government has received assurances of sympathy and support from the great majority of law-abiding citizens throughout the country.

In this reference to the trifling effect occasioned to the coffee crop by the political disturbances, the President was a little premature. The subsequent depression which was experienced in commercial circles generally was undoubtedly occasioned by these disturbances, although the consequence only proved transient. All travellers, foreigners and natives alike, who happened to be in Central America at this time, were well aware of the provocative part which President Santos Zelaya of Nicaragua was playing; for many years he had been acting as the evil genius of this Republic, and his misgovernment and brutalities to his own people met with general condemnation.

There can be no question that the revolution which was started in Salvador, but which was so promptly and effectually suppressed, was promoted by Zelaya, who, rightly or wrongly, imagined that at the psychological moment he would meet with support, not alone from Honduras, but from the United States, either directly or indirectly. There is sufficient evidence on record to prove that Dr. Prudencio Alfaro, who, since the death of General Regalado during the war with Guatemala in , had attained some slight popularity in Salvador, was the instrument through whom General Zelaya hoped, and indeed endeavoured, to carry out his plans.

The conquest of Salvador was only one of them, since, as I have mentioned in another part of this volume, it was the ambition of Santos Zelaya to reconstitute a Federation of the five Central American States, and then to elect himself first President. It was with the financial and physical assistance of Zelaya that Dr. Alfaro engaged the Nicaraguan [68] gunboat to convey him and other conspirators from Corinto to Acajutla in order to spy out the land, and to industriously lay the seeds of revolution.

It was nothing to Zelaya that he should allow one of the Government gunboats to be employed in making warfare against a friendly power, with which he had signed a treaty of peace only a very few weeks before, or to supply from the national treasury the funds for letting loose a horde of armed ruffians upon a neighbour's territory.

I have been shown documentary proofs of the arrangements upon which Zelaya had been employed for many months previous, and which provided for the invasion of Salvador at four different points. From time to time changes were made in the personnel of the Nicaraguan commanders, but the names upon the lists which were shown to me were not in all cases the same as those of the men who actually took part in the abortive invasion.

I remember, for instance, observing the name of General Salvador Toledo, who had previously been deputed to command the invading army which was to enter Salvador from Honduras, near the Guatemalan frontier; and also that of General Estrada, who had been nominated to strike at the enemy with the Northern forces at the proper time. This General Estrada had been in command of the Honduranean forces between Puerto Cortes and the Salvadorean line, and he it was who numbered among his followers all the scum of the population, mostly consisting of ex-prisoners and exiles, who were willing enough to fight against their own country's soldiers, side by side with Honduraneans.

According to the calculations which were then made, it was believed that General Cierra had only 3, men with him. General Figueroa at this time wisely declared the City of Salvador "in a state of siege," which is the equivalent of suspension of political guarantees, to enable summary action to be taken against political offenders or even suspects; a condition afterwards extended to the whole country; and his instructions to the Governors of the several Departments no doubt saved the Central Government from considerable embarrassment as the result of the rising.

Those who led the insurrection had counted upon receiving support from the public, which, however, they did not realize, and the lack of this made the capture of the leaders by the Government troops a matter of comparative facility. Secondly, much of the inconvenience which would have followed a general disturbance of the affairs of the country at that time, and which would have caused both the Government and the people losses upon coffee shipments, was spared them, but not altogether obviated.

As we have seen, it was altogether a clumsy attack which had been planned, and had better local knowledge prevailed it would have been ascertained that the prestige of the existing Government stood too high, and the personal popularity of General Figueroa was too great, to have ever endowed this rising with any great chances of success. In this connection I think I may well quote an [70] extract from an official statement which was made in El Diario de Salvador , one of the most powerful papers in the Republic, of which I attach the following translation:.

According to the terms of this decree, the Government has been obliged to take extreme measures, owing to the attempt of its enemies to create a revolutionary movement calculated to cause a radical change in this Government.

But, if it is certain that the internal peace has not been disturbed, such is not the case with the credit of the country. Furthermore, the fact that the attempt was made at the time for harvesting coffee aggravated the situation somewhat for the moment, and threatened to interfere with the gathering of this important crop on which much of the prosperity of the country depends; but the action of the Chief Executive in issuing orders to the Governors of the several Departments has reduced this evil to a minimum.

Men in the discharge of their duties, however, were allowed to pass toward the Capital of the country without the necessity of presenting passports. This referred particularly to merchants, managers of plantations, and day labourers. It cannot be too emphatically pointed out that the Salvadoreans are not naturally a rebellious or warlike people, and, except when compelled to take up arms in their own defence or in favour of a righteous cause, they ask nothing better than to be permitted to devote themselves to the congenial and profitable occupation of cultivating the bounteous land which is theirs by inheritance.

In the troubles which afflicted the country in the years , the whole cause was the incitement which was offered to them by their turbulent and troublesome neighbours the Nicaraguans and the Honduraneans.

As I have shown very conclusively, it was the long-established policy of Santos Zelaya to foster an outbreak in Salvador which should broaden into a revolution, in the course of which Salvadorean troops would be compelled innocently to commit some overt act which would give Honduras or Nicaragua a cause for the initiation of a movement against the Republic.

This, it was hoped, would ultimately result in the election to the Presidency of Salvador of Dr. Prudencio Alfaro, who was always a creature of Santos Zelaya, and who for [72] many months was his guest at Managua, where he formed all his plans, for the execution of which President Zelaya was ready to pay.

As we have seen, the agitators did not wait for the casus belli on the part of Salvador, but most unwarrantably invaded that country and committed certain outrages, only, however, to have to execute a most humiliating retreat before any beneficial results could possibly have accrued to them.

Had it come to an actual encounter or series of encounters between the allied forces of Honduras and Nicaragua on the one hand and the Salvadoreans on the other, there can be no question that the latter would in the long-run have emerged victorious; out of a population of 1,,, the Salvadoreans can claim a fighting force of at least , The Salvadoreans are the best and most plucky fighters in South or Central America, as has been proved upon several occasions, displaying great intelligence on the battle-field and in the conduct of their campaigns.

At the memorable battle of Jutiapa, fought between the Salvadorean troops and the Guatemalans in the previous year , and in spite of the fact that the latter numbered over 40, as against little more than half that force arrayed on the side of Salvador, the former gave an extremely good account of themselves, and showed that the excellent military training which they had received had not been thrown away. The invasion of Salvadorean territory in the month of June, , by the Nicaraguans was a direct and unprovoked violation of the Treaty of Peace and Amity of Amapala, only signed on the previous April 23, and ratified on May 8, by which the Governments of the two countries agreed to submit their [73] grievances to the Presidents of the United States and Mexico for arbitration.

The news was first received through the telegram sent by President Figueroa, dated June 11, , and addressed to Dr. Manuel Delgado, the Salvadorean Minister at Washington. In this despatch, General Figueroa says:. The forces were commanded by General Manuel Rivas, and came from Corinto in the warship Momotombo , armed by the President of Nicaragua. It is in this manner that President Zelaya complies with the terms of the Treaty of Amapala, which was the result of the intervention of the American Government.

The gunboat mentioned was one of six warships which Nicaragua at that date possessed, and which composed the whole of the Nicaraguan "Navy. The civilized world has denounced the Nicaraguans' act of aggression, and unhesitatingly expressed the opinion that President Zelaya had committed a grave violation of international ethics in opening hostilities against Salvador without having made a preliminary declaration of war or giving any reasons for such an action.

The true friends of interstate peace, of whom there are as many in Latin America as other parts of the world—although, from the frequent turmoils which occur in that part of the globe, one might be excused for doubting it—were much distressed by the serious quarrel which broke out between the neighbouring Republics of Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, in the years Although the relations between Nicaragua and its adjoining States had long been on a questionable basis owing to the ambitious projects of General J.

Santos Zelaya, [75] its President, there was no reason to anticipate any disturbance, more especially as at the most critical time, owing to the intervention of the United States and Mexico, the cloud had blown over, and to all appearances peace reigned. The worthlessness of the intervention, and the absolute ineptitude of the United States to effect any permanent improvement in the prevailing conditions, was, however, proved conclusively a few months after the Treaty of Peace and Amity had been signed, amid somewhat premature rejoicings at Washington, on December 20, Almost before the ink was dry upon the document, Honduranean and Nicaraguan troops had violated the terms and conditions, and continued, moreover, to do so in spite of all diplomatic reminders and serious warnings from the United States.

In these "warnings," however, Mexico took no part, merely using the good offices of President Diaz to effect what the threat of the Big Stick had failed to accomplish.

Eventually peace was proclaimed, and since then it has been strictly maintained as between the different Republics, although not by any means so within their own borders, as witness what has recently occurred, and is still occurring, in Honduras, and, alas! It seems a cruel irony that Diaz the Dictator should so soon have become the Deposed. The fact recalls forcibly the poet Burns's well-known words:.

The true history of these Republics' quarrels of recent times would at this stage be somewhat difficult to record, since an immense quantity of official documents [76] would have to be translated and given in full. To do this, however interesting, would prove impracticable within the limits of a single volume. The matter has been sketched by me from personal knowledge, and I trust that I shall escape the charge of prejudice or unfairness to any of the parties involved.

For the facts set forth abundant evidence can be procured, and possibly, if my account be compared with the many versions which have been from time to time adduced by others, who have spoken and written from authoritative or personal information, it will not be found to vary very much in the main particulars.

I have patiently listened to the accounts of all that took place both on Salvadorean and on Nicaraguan territory, and, furthermore, the incidents which both led up to and followed the clash of arms were related to me by the participants when all feeling of animosity and bitterness had disappeared, and the usual friendliness between the members of this strangely mercurial people had been restored.

Thus very little for spirit of resentment—although perhaps something for the vainglorious spirit of the individuals concerned—need be allowed. Considerable as is the space which I have given up in this volume to the relations of the Salvadorean, Honduranean, and Nicaraguan troubles, I find it impossible to publish in its entirety, as I should have liked to have done, the text of the complaints presented by the Governments of Honduras and Nicaragua against that of Salvador, and which were heard before and decided by the Central American Court of Justice, as well as the final answer and arguments which were later on issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of [77] Salvador.

All these documents, which fill two substantial and closely-printed pamphlets, the one consisting of 84 pages and the other of pages, are extremely interesting and instructive, serving as they do to throw a particularly clear light upon the methods of some of the Central American States, which imagine that they are acting in an "honourable" manner and fulfilling a respectable destiny.

It is significant that these publications, which are complete and official, were issued by the Government of Salvador, from which it is clear at least that this country had nothing to fear from the world at large being made acquainted with the history of the troubles.

No less worthy of comment is it that neither Honduras nor Nicaragua has ever made any rejoinder to the arguments and conclusions of the Court of Justice or of the Salvadorean Government, and in this action, perhaps, they have for the first time shown some intelligent discretion. The impartial reader of these publications can only arrive at one conclusion, nor, indeed, is it even necessary that he should know anything of either the countries or their inhabitants to be able to form some sensible deduction from the actual position.

The correspondence, the genuineness of which is unchallenged, speaks for itself. It seems clear that the Government of Salvador, while subscribing in Washington the Central American Treaty of Peace, swore faithfully to fulfil the International Agreement which bound it to its sister Republics, and at the same time opened for itself and for them, as it had every reason to hope and believe, a new era of confraternity to be maintained in dignity and mutual advantage.

To the principles of that Treaty, Salvador [78] adhered with the utmost rigour; and, in the face of the most intense provocation, refused to depart one inch from its solemn obligations. The attitude which this small but high-principled State showed at this time of trouble and trial has evoked the admiration and commendation of all statesmen, independently of country, or creed, or political belief.

To particularize more minutely from the abundant evidence which exists to this effect, and which may be gathered from every page of these two pamphlets, is unnecessary in this volume; but one fact at least I may call attention to, as exemplifying the honesty of purpose and the good faith of the Salvadorean Government towards the Republic of Honduras, at a time, moreover, when only armed retaliation could reasonably have been looked for.

In all probability the friendliness of President Figueroa for his neighbours would never have been questioned, nor their relations have been in any way embittered, but for the Machiavellian interference of Santos Zelaya. This I may say in defence of ex-President Miguel R.

This do I know, also: he has deeply and sincerely repented of his action, not because it failed and he lost the game at which he had consented to try his hand, but because, being a man, as I have said, of innate honesty of purpose, he perceived when too late that he had committed what is a worse offence than a mistake—a crime against personal honour.

The magnanimity of the Salvadorean Government continued to the end. Notwithstanding the finding of the Central American Court of Justice, delivered on December 19, , and which, being in favour of [80] Salvador upon all points raised, should sequentia have carried costs, the Government forewent any such claims, which by the terms usually prevailing under International Law could have been insisted upon, and found its share of the expenses incurred by the inquiry.

Subsequent to the troubles related in the foregoing pages, the Honduranean Government stupidly courted fresh disasters by prosecuting a claim for damages against the two Republics of Salvador and Guatemala for injuries which it declared it had sustained as a result of those two sister-States having harboured Honduranean agitators and conspirators within their borders. The exact value of this claim can best be judged by perusing the following questions that were considered and determined by the Special Court of Justice which was formed in Costa Rica the only State which stood aside and refused to be concerned in this Central American squabble , and the members of which were made up of five different nationalities.

Attached is a faithful translation of what transpired on this occasion:. Upon the closing of the deliberations of the Court for pronouncing judgment in the complaint filed by the Government of the Republic of Honduras against the Governments of the Republics of El Salvador and Guatemala, charging responsibility that took place in the first-mentioned Republic in the month of June last, the Chief Justice submitted the following queries to be voted upon in rendering the decision that is to settle the controversy:.

First Question. Second Question. Third Question. Fourth Question. Fifth Question. Sixth Question. Seventh Question. Eighth Question. Ninth Question. Tenth Question. Eleventh Question. From the above-stated result, judgment is rendered dismissing the action instituted against the Governments of the Republics of El Salvador and Guatemala without costs.

Salvador Gallegos. Angel M. A more impudent or baseless claim than that put forward by Honduras, and decided by the Central American Court of Justice, can hardly be imagined. That the Honduranean Government would ever have thought of prosecuting it at all but for the instigation from its immediate neighbour seems hardly probable.

That the Court should have found a decision overwhelmingly in favour of Salvador and Guatemala was only natural, but it seems unfair that, having come to that inevitable conclusion, costs should not have followed the event, and that Honduras should not have been condemned to pay them. There is but one consolation a poor one, I am afraid open to the Republics of Guatemala and Salvador in this connection—namely, that had the Court ordered Honduras to pay the costs of the inquiry, it would never have done so, any more than it has paid back to its foreign creditors either the principal of, or, even the interest upon, the money which it borrowed.

Were the creditors American instead of British, some satisfactory settlement would have been arrived at long ago. Even as it is, the British bondholders will be unable to obtain a settlement of any kind without recourse to American interference, and, as may be well believed, it will be upon such terms as the Americans choose to approve of, and subject to such profits out of the transactions as the Americans choose to demand.

It is satisfactory at least to observe that Honduranean impudence did not succeed in the above instance in getting "any rise" out of either Salvador or Guatemala.

That the relations existing to-day between the [84] two Republics of Salvador and Honduras are upon a more friendly basis, and that they are destined to so remain as long as the present Governments of the two countries remain in power, is proved from the interchange of congratulatory despatches made by Dr.

Bertrand, President of Honduras, and Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo, President of Salvador, in the month of March last, and copies of which I am enabled to give in this volume. The correspondence, conducted by telegraph, was as follows:. In communicating this to you, I take pleasure in anticipating the good sentiments that animate me for the cultivation of better relations with the Government over which Your Excellency so worthily presides, presenting to you at the same time my good wishes for the well-being of the Republic and for Your Excellency's personal happiness.

Such a happy event is received with immense rejoicing by my Government and the general public, because it implies for the sister-Republic of Honduras peace and progress.

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Slowhand features "Wonderful Tonight", "Lay Down Sally" and "Cocaine" - songs that are still heard regularly on radio and at Eric Clapton's live shows. So long after its release is a great recommendation and testimony to its place in Clapton's canon. The album includes cover versions of songs written by some of his favorite songwriters, alongside Clapton's original compositions.

BIRDS FUN SPIES COLE, J. Features Pharaoh Sanders. Spiritual free-jazz and new age with classical, Eastern, post-bop and gospel influences. Upon returning to the States, she joined vibraphonist Terry Gibbs' group and eventually shared a bill with the John Coltrane Quartet.

Featuring the Classic Quartet - John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison and Elvin Jones - and recorded at the end of a two-week run at Birdland, the music on this album represents one of the most influential groups in music history both performing in a musical style it had perfected and reaching in new, exploratory directions that were to affect the trajectory of jazz from that point forward.

The standard version incorporates 7 tracks, 2 of which are two completely unheard, brand new original compositions as well as Coltrane classics like Impressions and Vilia. The deluxe version incorporates 7 alternate takes of some of the tracks from the standard - a must have for any Coltrane fan. AMEN This band has quickly become a favorite in the hardcore scene and has toured heavily in support of this release. New pressing now available on baby blue vinyl. His hit songs, most of which he wrote, went on to become pop standards, enduring to this day.

Sam Cooke's amazing body of work is encapsulated in Sam Cooke: Portrait of A Legend , the ultimate Sam Cooke greatest hits package, now available for the first time on gram vinyl.

CUPID SHAKE Pressed on silver vinyl. But the nerds and die-hards need not fear, these are still the same pop-punk heroes we've come to rely on for big choruses, bigger hooks, and keen lyrics. This album-quite possibly their best yet-is the one that you bring along with you to that hypothetical deserted island SCARS Cornelius is the stage name of Keigo Oyamada, a multi-instrumentalist and producer from Japan. This reissue is his cult classic breakthrough album from CLASH LAZY Recorded in with the band at the height of their powers.

Three Imaginary Boys is the debut studio album by English rock band the Cure, originally released on May 8, Produced entirely by Dr. Dre and out of print on vinyl in the U.

BLUES THE D. SNAP KARMA SHAME After an intense songwriting period, the pair traveled to Rome where they sought out several of the original musicians who performed on scores for films such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West. BLACK Building upon the "guitars-to-infinity" approach of Datura4's acclaimed debut LP 'Demon Blues', 'Hairy Mountain' is ten solid tracks celebrating an unbridled joy for rock'n'roll, with a nod to the spiritual presence of their hairy Oz Rock forefathers.

The quartet-Alexis Marshall [vocals], Nick Sadler [guitar], Jon Syverson [drums], and Sam Walker [bass]-once again follow the same internal compass that guided them to blur the lines of fickle heavy music sub-genres in the first place and quietly ignite a cult fervor typically reserved for grindhouse phenomena. In fact, the best way to describe the philosophy and the sound of the quartet is simply: rock n' roll. MOVE JERU BUDO LP Jazz. Numbered limited edition of Their most iconic 90's studio records were never put on vinyl.

Pig Baby has taken on the task of beautifully remastering their back catalog. GLINT Picture disc limited to copies, packed in a clear vinyl sleeve with a printed insert and a postcard with download code. Featuring guest vocals by Gillian Welch. OCTET G Deerhunter's eighth LP.

WOMEN Originally released in Back in print! ELITE KOREA RADIO RIDE COLA YAYO Originally released in on the now-defunct 75ARK record label, this hip hop concept album was released the same year as the Gorillaz' first 12" and is on a similar plane.

Following the release of Deltron , all three members participated in the Gorillaz' self-titled debut album. With Del aka Deltron Zero on vocals, Dan the Automator aka The Cantankerous Captain Aptos on production, and Kid Koala aka Skiznoid the Boy Wonder on turntables, this album takes the listener on a paranoid journey set in a dystopian year dealing with viruses, the apocalypse, an oppressive government, and a war waged against a huge company called the Corporate Bank of Time that rules the universe, all to the well-crafted and consistent musical backing of the Automator.

Lif compliment Del's vocal style and add the right amount of flavor to this classic period piece. VIRUS HALO Includes download codes with bonus material - tracks from the "Hate The Police" original 7". BUDGE Dinosaur Jr performing "Bug" in its entirety at the Club in Washington DC, June , now back in print on vinyl for a limited time.

This is a beautiful recording, mastered exclusively for vinyl and featuring a Marq Spusta "Farm", "Several Shades of Why" rendition of the original "Bug" cover art.

Only copies on red vinyl are available for retail, get your order in early! Crown of Nothing was largely constructed in the shadows, with little information of its creation being shared with the public.

As with previous albums, Crown of Nothing is thematic: the idea that heaven and hell might be the same place. While the concept sounds serious and heavy, fear not. Ever since the release of their first 7" in the band have begun to harness the raw, propulsive energy of their live show and channel that into a slew of 7"s, digital singles, a 10" ep, their first full length Higher Power, and a shitload of positive buzz.

BEAT Out to Lunch stands as Eric Dolphy's magnum opus, an absolute pinnacle of avant-garde jazz in any form or era. Its rhythmic complexity was perhaps unrivaled since Dave Brubeck's Time Out, and its five Dolphy originals -- the jarring Monk tribute 'Hat and Beard,' the aptly titled 'Something Sweet, Something Tender,' the weirdly jaunty flute showcase 'Gazzelloni,' the militaristic title track, the drunken lurch of 'Straight Up and Down' -- were a perfect balance of structured frameworks, carefully calibrated timbres, and generous individual freedom.

WOMAN HYFR AS ONE GET UP NOBLE DAYS This limited repress - has a different label design thank the original for you record geeks! Picture '60s Euro-beat music, done up ultra-frantic, miles per hour.

DANCE The 2LP configuration of More Blood, More Tracks assembles 10 of the most emotionally resonant alternate takes of each of the 10 songs appearing the original Blood On The Tracks plus a previously unreleased version of "Up to Me. Anchored by duo Adrienne Davies and Dylan Carlson, this band has an integral spot in American music by bringing a low-frequency uproar and six-string extremism to the forefront of the experimental, punk metal underground.

More concisely, they are widely considered the pioneers of drone metal. The set spanned their catalog with four choice compositions, employing powerful guitar drones and Davies' precise, slow-motion percussion swirling throughout.

EAZY E. REN Her voice-melancholy, theatrical, and soaring-impresses throughout and bears comparison to Lorde and Lana Del Rey. It's hard to believe this all comes from a year-old. MY BOY WATCH Moldy guitars and a cantankerous rhythm section set the backdrop for truly sickening sermonizing from BC's most handsome sociopath.

Produced by Erosion and Kurt Ballou. Mastered by James Plotkin. Cut for vinyl by Telegraph Mastering. Artwork by Grady Gordon. Baduizm's success earned Erykah Badu popularity at the time and helped establish her as one of the emerging neo soul genre's leading artists. DRAMA Mama's Gun was met with great critical success and sold strongly. Continuing with its Respect The Classics initiative, UMe is reissuing this album on vinyl for the first time since its original pressing. CLEVA BOOTY It is an album where shoegaze, electronic experimentation, punk damaged dub, noise, and ambient folk somehow coexist without a hint of contrivance - and cohere into some of the most memorable and listenable moments of the band's expansive body of work - "proper" studio albums and major motion picture soundtracks alike.

With Franz Ferdinand - Walk. Gucci Mane Prod. By Drumma Boy. Hopsin - Raw - 12 - I'm Not Crazy feat. Nicki Minaj Ft.

The Human Experimente, feat. Steve Pordon - httpwww. Tears For Fears - The No.

Ozzy Osbourne. WEB Howard's "Pop Crimes" is now being reissued by Fat Possum and made available for the first time Bonus: Fatal Accident (The Grim Reaper Remix March) (Instrumental) - Isadar - Private Property (Inst of Howard's native Australia. Another Starting Line proves the band Dont Let Me Down - The Beatles - Thirty Days not lost a step in the last decade and a half, and their trademark vigor is A Flat Day - Sparkle In Grey - The Echoes Of Thiiings / Fadiiing Echoes as predominant as ever. Their most iconic 90's studio records were never put on vinyl. SLEEP Somewhere at the Bottom's retelling captures the same captivating, hectic stories fans fell in love with 10 years ago all with a shiny new coat of paint. Haunting these ten songs is a foreboding, dark atmosphere masterfully crafted by producer Will Yip, and Lehar - Picture: Lehar immediate, intense energy is palpable from even the first grimy seconds of the opener, "Cement.
Baby You Lied (Mono) - Eloise Laws - Baby You Lied, ®un-11is5 - Various - Breaking Down The Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years Of Afe (File), Rotting Brain - Dog Mulch - Ground Hound, El Son De Lapach - Marimba Tecun Uman - Folklore Maya Vol. 2, The Frightened City - The Bootleg Shadows - The Bootleg Shadows Live

7 thoughts on “Bonus: Fatal Accident (The Grim Reaper Remix March) (Instrumental) - Isadar - Private Property (Inst

  1. hot water music - a flight and a crash In , Hot Water Music will be celebrating their 25th anniversary as a band and touring the world performing tracks from their entire catalog. Epitaph Records will be repressing three of the band's albums on colored vinyl for re-release in 's A Flight and A Crash, 's Caution and 's The.
  2. 'Private Property' is Isadar's 10th studio album and was released in The collection consists of 10 songs and 6 bonus cuts of remixes and re-interpretations of the included repertoire. Subsequently, 5 music videos were produced to accompany 5 of the included songs to promote the album.
  3. The Amerthryst March London Regency Millitary Band ae5ed-bc7e Crazy Deja Vu (Instrumental [Bonus Track]) Eduardo Rojas Conduela fec-bd1cea-aeffcfdf (Burning Hot Remix [Bonus Track]) Doro .
  4. Playlist files: 1. Nancy Sinatra - ''Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)'' () 2. Chimaira - Nothing Remains () 3. Elastinen - Anna Soida () 4. Elastinen - Täysii ().
  5. MEX MEXICAN SUMMER ARIEL PINK & WEYES BLOOD - MYTHS The atmospheres and auras of Ariel Rosenberg - aka Ariel Pink - and Natalie Mering - aka Weyes Blood - assemble as new hues for Myths , the second edition of Mexican Summer's series inspired by - and conceived at - the label's annual Marfa Myths festival in the Texas desert.

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